The 3 Steps to a Successful, Income-Generating Blog

Define your Message

Discover how to build an attractive, recognisable and consistent Brand that remains true to you.

Engage your Audience

Find out how to get targeted traffic, nurture your email list and grow an audience that goes beyond page views.

Refine your Strategies

Set goals you'll achieve, create plans you'll stick to and focus on the Strategies that get you results.


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Free Start Your Own Blog Course

The Blog creation Initiative 

This Free 7-step course holds your hand as you create your first Blog. You get shown how to:

  • Finally decide what to Blog about
  • Get your Blog set up
  • Choose the perfect (Free or Premium) Theme
  • Customise your Blog Design for Maximum Impact
  • Write an About Page that Doesn't Suck
  • Write your first Blog post
  • Plan your Next Step to Blogging Success

I'm right behind you..

Hello, welcome to The Badass BusinessMum, created by me, Laura! I am a Work at Home, Mom to Twins!

I created The Badass BusinessMum when I left my 9-5 job after my maternity leave ended. I knew I wanted to stay home with my Twins so I needed a way to make an income. My previous online business was too time consuming to do with baby twins so I needed an alternative...

I set up this Blog as somewhere to share my 10+ years experience of Blogging and running online Businesses and to help normal Moms, just like you and me, Start, Grow and Monetise their own Blogs regardless of their previous experience and financial situation.

In my Happy Place; In my garden with pen and paper and the Sun shining!

In my Happy Place; In my garden with pen and paper and the Sun shining!