How to Blog with Purpose and Stop Wasting your Time

Why you need to Blog with a purpose

A Blog is an excellent Marketing Tool; A blog brings you site traffic, boosts SEO, increases engagement, provides value to your audience and ultimately encourages people to subscribe to your list or hire you. 

A Blog can also be a colossal waste of time! Which is why you need a Blog Post Strategy.

By a blog post strategy I don't just mean create a list of blog post topics and a posting schedule and make sure you get your blog posts out on time.

I mean Blogging with Purpose. How will this post fit in with the last one? The next one? How can you link it to your other posts? How can you make it attract subscribers to your email list? How does it relate to the new service you're about to launch? And encourage people to hire you? And if that post will do none of those things, why on earth are you blogging about it?!

Blogging with a plan will:

  • Keep your blog posts on topic and related to each other

  • Funnel your audience to where you want them to go (eg; your email list subscription page, your Facebook community, your latest webinar, your services...)

  • Keep your audience on your blog for longer as you create an irresistible web between your posts and pages

  • Provide your target audience with content they actually care about

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Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about Starting a Blog to Make Money

How many ‘How to Start a Blog’ type posts have you read?

They’re all a bit the same aren’t they…. Choose your niche, name your blog, buy a domain, get hosting, install Wordpress. And then you’re done!

Except of course, you’re not! All you’ve got is a blank website.

So I decided to write a proper Complete Guide to Starting a Blog. What to do before and after the actual setting up the website stage.

This post covers 13 different steps to work through and for most of the steps I’ve linked to an in-depth post (most often with a freebie included) for that particular topic!

Step 1: Choose your Blog Niche

What is a niche?

A niche is a specific blog topic. It could be a broad niche, such as parenting, or a very specific niche, such as parenting a child with a specific medical condition.

I tend to think of your blog niche as a combination of your subject and your audience. (Eg; fashion for 30-something women, healthy cooking for busy moms, DIY tips for new home owners etc)

The benefits of having a niche blog

  • It's good for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Your readers are interested in your whole blog
  • You will be recognised as a specialist in your niche
  • Your marketing is focused on your ideal reader

What if you have lots of interests?

There are no rules that say you have to write about one topic to have a niche. In fact....

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How to Start a self-hosted WordPress Blog; The Complete Guide for New Bloggers

Welcome to the Complete Guide to getting set up with your new WordPress Blog.

WordPress can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so this step-by-step guide walks you through everything you need to know to get from buying your Hosting and Domain name, through to personalising your WordPress Theme and installing (only) the Plugins you actually need.

If you are totally, completely, brand-spanking, only-just-heard-of-WordPress new to WordPress, read this post first: The Super-Straightforward Introduction to WordPress (including a WordPress vs WordPress comparison)

NB: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase a product or service via my link.

Before you Start your Blog

There are only two things you need before starting your Blog:

  • Web Hosting
  • A Domain Name

Web Hosting

Web hosting is where all the files for your Blog are stored. I host my WordPress Blog, The 52 Blogs Project, with SiteGround, on their GrowBig Plan. 

There are literally hundreds of webs hosts out there, which makes choosing a good one a daunting task. Here's 6 considerations to help you make the right decision....

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How to Grow your Blog Traffic with Pinterest and BoardBooster

Pinterest is my biggest source of Traffic to this Blog and the great thing about Pinterest is it's not complicated to get right. You just need to use it. And use it lots. As in, pin 50 - 100 times a day. Some people pin even more than that!

Just imagine how much time you'd spend on Pinterest if you manually pinned 100 pins a day! You'd never have time for anything else. Which is why you need to invest in a Pinterest automation / scheduling tool. There are lots but the most popular ones seem to be Tailwind and BoardBooster.

In this guest post by the lovely Cath from This Mama Learns she shows us how she manages 100+ pins a day using Tailwind, so I thought I'd show you how I manage it using BoardBooster Campaigns.

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at not extra cost to you, if you sign up for a paid account with BoardBooster via my referral link)

Why Choose BoardBooster

  • BoardBooster is simple to use and set up. And once you've created your Campaigns you can leave it to work it's magic and your Pinterest account and Blog traffic grows even if you don't go anywhere near Pinterest for weeks at a time!
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The WordPress Beginners' Guide to Getting Started with Google Search Console & Analytics

I've been busy over at The 52 Blogs Project site getting it to an acceptable level of finished (for the time being!)

And I've been getting to grips with WordPress. One of my recent jobs was to set up The 52 Blogs Project with Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

Both of these free tools will help me track and understand the traffic I get to The 52 Blogs Project but it's worth setting up both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, because they do tell you different things.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is the updated version of what used to be call Webmaster Tools. It provides you with a load of information about your Site, and how Google sees your site. And we all know how important it is that Google likes your Blog!

With Google Search Console you can....

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The Secret to Starting a Successful, Money-Making Blog

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite subjects; Planning! More specifically, blog planning. And even more specifically, 'The Super Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Blog'. Which is a pretty epic self paced e-study workbook. It's the workbook I wish I had when I started the (now abandoned) 'prequel' blog to this one! 

It will be available for immediate download on 16th May. It's currently on an introductory pre-order price (until 17th May) of only £5.00 (approx. $7.25) which is a rather cool 50% off.

But first of all....


I know what you're thinking - why do I need to do all this blog planning? Can't I just dive right on in and, you know, build it!? 

Short answer - well you can if you want because, well, it's your blog! But getting a bit organised first is going to benefit you in the long run. Which brings me to...

The Long(er) answer....

8 REASONS PLANNING YOUR BLOG WILl make sure you still love it in 6 months' time

  • You won't take forever getting it started. When you come to actually create your blog you'll know what you want it to look like, what you want it to do and how you want it to do it.

  • You won't want to change everything 2 months down the line. Like I did! I thought I could wing it. I thought I could 'just start' and my audience would just magically appear, and my brand would magically develop. They didn't and it didn't. So I went back to the drawing board and basically started again!

  • You'll have a clear vision of what you're working towards. You will know what your end result looks like and will be able to ignore all the nonsense that isn't going to get you closer to that end result.

  • You're more likely to keep at it when the excitement wears off because you understand your motivations. You'll know why you chose this route, what you're going to gain from your blog succeeding and also what you're going to be able to cast off and leave behind....

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The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Starting your Blog on Squarespace

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make as a new blogger is where you are going to create your site. This post isn't going to tell you how to do that!! Because I've already written about it - and so have about a million other people. You don't need another Squarespace vs WordPress post!

Instead this 3rd post in The Essential Introductory Guide to Starting Your Blog series is goes through 7 Essential steps in starting your blog using Squarespace and a brief intro to the dashboard and user interface. And I included 5 short video tutorials.

If you're still undecided about where to build your blog, take a look at these posts:

If you've decided you want to create your Blog using WordPress (or want to know more about it) you're on the wrong post - you need to be here: The Super Straightforward Guide to WordPress for New Bloggers

1. get started on Squarespace

All you need to get started on Squarespace is an email address! Set up a free 14 day trial by creating an account from the Get Started button.

Squarespace has 3 Package options - Cover Pages, Websites and Commerce. The Badass BusinessMum is on a Websites Package. Find out more about the different Squarespace Package features here.

First steps

You set up your free Trial Account by simply entering your name, email address and creating a password. You then have a few optional questions to fill in and then you can get to work on your brand new site!

Your Squarespace site is controlled from the Main Menu. A brief intro to each main section is...

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The Super Straightforward Guide to WordPress for New Bloggers

If you've been thinking about starting a blog for longer than 5 minutes you'll have probably heard of WordPress! If you've read the answers to the question, 'What platform should I use for building my Blog?' you'll have definitely seen WordPress mentioned! Which is why, even though I don't use WordPress myself, there was no way I could call this Essential Introductory Guide To Starting Your Blog series complete with writing a post about it!

Wordpress is the blogging industry norm. There are apparently 76.5 million blogs currently using WordPress! (Source)

If you want total, complete control over your blog content, site design and functionality, then WordPress is the solution for you. This post will introduce to the basics, explain some of the weird terms, tell you what you need to get started with WordPress and provide you with links to resources written by people who know more about the actual technical how-to's than me!

(If you want a platform that is easy to use, maintenance free, with beautiful templates and e-commerce solutions included, you might like Squarespace, which is what I use. I wrote a Step-by-Step tutorial here on Getting Started on Squarespace)

What is wordpress?

WordPress is a content management system and publishing platform. It is the software that allows you to add blog posts, pages, images and other content to your blog without needing to be a Web developer.

WordPress is open source software, meaning it's built and updated by a team of hundreds of community volunteers. And it's free to use! To use it you simply head to and download and install it on your domain with your hosting provider. When you see bloggers talking about 'self-hosted' or 'dot org' WordPress, this is what they mean.

The software is also used at where it is available if you want a free, hosted blog. This is what bloggers mean when they talk about the 'dot com' version of WordPress. There is no downloading and installing required which may initially sound like an excellent idea! Keep reading to find out why it's not! 

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Moms Making Money: Everything you Wanted to Know about Hiring a VA

Today I am pleased to introduce you to one of our amazing Badass BusinessMum Community members, Zita Lewis. Zita is a real-life Money-Making Mompreneur who works as a VA. In this post, she shares her story of how she became a VA and how hiring a VA can help you grow the Business of YOUR dreams...

When Laura asked me to write a guest blog, I was honoured and proud to be able to share my story as a VA. Working for myself, from my home, around my children and working with some of the most passionate business owners I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

Let’s go back to basics, just what is a VA?

A VA is otherwise known as a Virtual Assistant, a Digital Personal Assistant if you like. Anything and everything you would expect a Secretary, Receptionist, Office Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager and Personal Shopper would do daily, I do too! The only downfall is, I can’t make you that cup of coffee, sorry.

I have....

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