7 Quick Ways to Add Functional Decoration to your Bullet Journal

Have you seen the beautiful bullet journals on Instagram? With doodles and Drawing and hand lettering and colouring and even watercolour!

They're gorgeous but it can seem pretty overwhelming and gives the impression that bullet journaling is a very time consuming planning method.

In reality, bullet journaling can be super simple without any need for decoration but I'm guessing, because you're reading this post, that you want a bit of pretty in your journal!

In this post I'm sharing my favourite ways I incorporate colour and washi tape in my Bullet Journal to add both decoration and functionality....

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My Blogging Bullet Journal: Plan With Me July

In last week's Blog Post I told you about my planning process for setting up my new Blog & Business Bullet Journal for the second half of 2017.

In this post I'm going to show you my July set-up, go through the changes between this Bullet Journal and the one I used for the first half of the year and share how I'm using my different spreads.

My Blog Bullet Journal 6 months on...

What's changing

The first change is that I've moved from an A4 notebook to an A5 one (both Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid for you notebook geeks). The A4 one is just too big and heavy. I've not even finished it yet (I'm using it for my blog & video outlines now) but it seemed a good time of year to move to a new journal! The A5 size is lighter, a lot more portable and I think is going to end up with a lot less wasted space

One of the reasons I started using a Bullet Journal as a planner was because...

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How to Start a Bullet Journal for Blog Planning

I have been using a Bullet Journal to plan, organise and track my Blog and Business since the beginning of 2017. This Blog post and Video show my set-up for my first Blog and Business Bullet Journal. 

A Bullet Journal might be the perfect blog planner for you if you're after:

  • A pen and paper system
  • Full flexibility
  • A planner you can get creative with

I've recently started a new journal for the second half of the year and I'm sharing my process so you can set up your own Blogging Bullet Journal, or add some Blogging spreads to your personal one. 

What do you want in your Blog Bullet Journal?

The first step is to decide what you need to include in your Bullet journal. Think about the things you'd like to track and the tasks and projects you work on for your Business and Blog. Consider what is missing from your current planner, the pages you don't ever use and the ones you use all the time. 

A Bullet Journal...

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How to Not Waste Money on Blogging Courses

I am a huge fan of lifelong learning and I think entrepreneurs should always be reading and discovering and exploring new things (well I actually think everyone should be, but that's another post!)

But I must admit to being a bit fed up of online courses being rammed down my throat from seemingly all directions.

So today I'm sharing my thoughts on whether online courses are really worth your time and money and how to choose a course that you'll actually benefit from.

Are e-courses worth the investment?

Overall, yes they definitely can be. But only if:

  • You're actually going to complete the course and put the work in
  • If it's going to directly improve your money-making skills
  • If the time and money spent learning how to do ‘the thing’ outweighs the costs of outsourcing

As you may have guessed I'm not a spontaneous course buyer. All of the courses I've invested in I've actually gone out and looked for (your email sales funnels don't work on me mwah ha ha)

But what if.....

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How to Create your 12-Month Profitable Blog Business Plan

When you're starting out with Blogging, it can get quickly get overwhelming! There are so many options for 'making money Blogging', so many different marketing methods, so much new software and so many new tools to learn how to use, without even factoring in the time to write blog posts (and actually do the essentials like eating and sleeping!)

In this post, I'm going to tell you the 4 things you absolutely need to have to make money blogging, and then some tips and questions to ask yourself to create a plan for that first crazy 12 months.

4 Essentials to Make Money Blogging

1. An Audience

More specifically, a target audience. An audience that you understand and relate to, an audience that has questions you can answer. The better you know your audience, the better results you will get, purely because you know how they think and feel about your niche (because they're just like you!)

2. A way to....

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6 Genuine Work at Home Business Models you need to know about

Did you know that (according to this article) 11.3 million businesses in the US are owned by women. And what is even more amazing is that there are 1,072 women-owned businesses starting up every day!

Did you ever imagine running your own Business from home? (I'm guessing you have since you're reading this post!) Working from home doing something you love, freedom to make your own schedule, fit work around your kids, no more commute. All sounds pretty cool doesn't it?!

But how do you make money working from home? (That doesn't involve spending hours doing surveys for next to nothing or spamming your friends with ads for ‘magic wraps’)

In this post I've shared 6 of my favourite business models for creative entrepreneurs.

None of these are get rich quick schemes and you're likely not about to make 5-figure months in less than a year (though some have managed multiple 4-figure months within a year, so who knows…..) but you have every chance to create a long term, sustainable, profitable business with any of these 6 home business models.


What is blogging?

Blogging is....

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How to Blog with Purpose and Stop Wasting your Time

Why you need to Blog with a purpose

A Blog is an excellent Marketing Tool; A blog brings you site traffic, boosts SEO, increases engagement, provides value to your audience and ultimately encourages people to subscribe to your list or hire you. 

A Blog can also be a colossal waste of time! Which is why you need a Blog Post Strategy.

By a blog post strategy I don't just mean create a list of blog post topics and a posting schedule and make sure you get your blog posts out on time.

I mean Blogging with Purpose. How will this post fit in with the last one? The next one? How can you link it to your other posts? How can you make it attract subscribers to your email list? How does it relate to the new service you're about to launch? And encourage people to hire you? And if that post will do none of those things, why on earth are you blogging about it?!

Blogging with a plan will:

  • Keep your blog posts on topic and related to each other

  • Funnel your audience to where you want them to go (eg; your email list subscription page, your Facebook community, your latest webinar, your services...)

  • Keep your audience on your blog for longer as you create an irresistible web between your posts and pages

  • Provide your target audience with content they actually care about

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Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about Starting a Blog to Make Money

How many ‘How to Start a Blog’ type posts have you read?

They’re all a bit the same aren’t they…. Choose your niche, name your blog, buy a domain, get hosting, install Wordpress. And then you’re done!

Except of course, you’re not! All you’ve got is a blank website.

So I decided to write a proper Complete Guide to Starting a Blog. What to do before and after the actual setting up the website stage.

This post covers 13 different steps to work through and for most of the steps I’ve linked to an in-depth post (most often with a freebie included) for that particular topic!

Step 1: Choose your Blog Niche

What is a niche?

A niche is a specific blog topic. It could be a broad niche, such as parenting, or a very specific niche, such as parenting a child with a specific medical condition.

I tend to think of your blog niche as a combination of your subject and your audience. (Eg; fashion for 30-something women, healthy cooking for busy moms, DIY tips for new home owners etc)

The benefits of having a niche blog

  • It's good for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Your readers are interested in your whole blog
  • You will be recognised as a specialist in your niche
  • Your marketing is focused on your ideal reader

What if you have lots of interests?

There are no rules that say you have to write about one topic to have a niche. In fact....

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How to Start a self-hosted WordPress Blog; The Complete Guide for New Bloggers

Welcome to the Complete Guide to getting set up with your new WordPress Blog.

WordPress can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so this step-by-step guide walks you through everything you need to know to get from buying your Hosting and Domain name, through to personalising your WordPress Theme and installing (only) the Plugins you actually need.

If you are totally, completely, brand-spanking, only-just-heard-of-WordPress new to WordPress, read this post first: The Super-Straightforward Introduction to WordPress (including a WordPress vs WordPress comparison)

NB: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase a product or service via my link.

Before you Start your Blog

There are only two things you need before starting your Blog:

  • Web Hosting
  • A Domain Name

Web Hosting

Web hosting is where all the files for your Blog are stored. I host my WordPress Blog, The 52 Blogs Project, with SiteGround, on their GrowBig Plan. 

There are literally hundreds of webs hosts out there, which makes choosing a good one a daunting task. Here's 6 considerations to help you make the right decision....

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