How To Turn These 25 Routine Mom Skills into Valuable Business Skills.

 Discover how to Turn These 25 Routine Mom Skills into Valuable Business Skills and download your Free 'Mom to Mompreneur' Skills Worksheet

Discover how to Turn These 25 Routine Mom Skills into Valuable Business Skills and download your Free 'Mom to Mompreneur' Skills Worksheet

As a Mum you have to learn so many new things, solve many new problems and become an expert at time management and organisation! But because we do these things because we have to, because there is no choice but to get things done, we rarely consider how useful our awesome Mum skills are for running our businesses.

69% of employers believe parenting skills are important and transferable to the workplace yet only 8% of parents mention them on their CVs or covering letters (according to

Your Mum skills do not just make you an awesome Mum, they are transferable and will (or already do!) make you a badass business owner too.

Just to start, here's 25 reasons why being a Mum makes you qualified  (you know what, I'm going to say overqualified!) to run your own business

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1. The ability to move on 

You know those nights when you collapse into bed quite sure your only achievement today was not murdering anybody? Yeah me to! But you'll wake up tomorrow ready to face it all over again. You'll need to do that running your own business too! You'll need to bounce back from failed projects, unproductive days, technical difficulties, lack of motivation... all made even harder when working from home around your family!

2. Levels of determination beyond mere mortals

The same determination to actually get the hoovering and washing done and get everyone out the house to toddler group all in the same day will serve you well when your business to do list is as long as your arm.

3. The ability to wear many hats

You are Mum, teacher, nurse, chauffeur and referee to your children. You won't think twice about being creator, web designer, marketer, accountant, copywriter for your business.

4. You keep focused despite distractions

You can dodge the distraction techniques of a 2 year old

  • You: "time for a nappy change"
  • Toddler: "Mummy, Mr Tumble Cbeebies. Dog, woof woof. Cow mooo in garden!"
  • You: "yes that's right cow's moo in - uh wha -?? Anyway, nappy first!"

You can dodge that, you can dodge anyone or anything that attempts to get in the way of what you need to work on to make your business succeed.

5. You can manage a toddler tantrum  

Or a teenage tantrum. No cross customer could possibly be as wild as a two year old who's brother has stolen her treasured 'Bob' (<< true story! My daughter is very attached to that very loved and very manky teddy)

6. You excel at time management

You know exactly how long it will take to get you, a baby and a toddler (who insists on taking his shoes off at every available opportunity) out the door and into the car. You know when you have to start getting ready and at what point you're going to be late! Apply this skill to your business and you'll know exactly when you can fit your business tasks in to your day to get them done.

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7. You can remain enthusiastic

You can read 'Mr Tickle' 25 times in a row and remain enthusiastic. You will easily cope with even the most boring of business related tasks.

8. You can manage money

You manage money all the time for your personal and household finances. You know how to budget and only purchase what you actually need and avoid the lure of the latest thing. Doing the same for your business will ensure you avoid spending money where it isn't required and investing where it is.

9. You appreciate things take time

(Tell me again what age they go to school?) Overnight successes take years of hard work. Especially when you're building a business part time around your family.

10. You are excellent at unravelling vague instructions

Anyone who can establish what a 3 year old wants to eat for his lunch will have no problem establishing the requirements of even the vaguest of clients.

11. You find many ways to perfect your craft skills

Anything from doing craft activities with the kids, helping them make Father's Day cards, creating baby scrap books and memory books to baking Disney character birthday cakes. Consider using your new craft skills to develop your range of products.

12. You can explain complex problems in simple terms

You can explain to a 4 year old why he can't fly. You can answer any inconceivable question about your products from your customers (even the really weird ones. The questions, not the customers. Though sometimes.....)

13. You've learnt the importance of a routine

If your little one doesn't get her nap on time you know everything is going to go horribly wrong by teatime. The same thing applies for business routines (unfortunately with less emphasis on naps and more on things like social media and content creation)

14. You already know how to juggle 101 things at once

School, music lessons, Birthday parties, play dates, football - you name it, chances are somebody in your house is doing it! Just add a few more columns in the family planner for business tasks and you're sorted!

15. You can prioritise

You need to hoover, do the washing, change the beds, shop for tonight's tea - what to do first? You prioritise tasks all the time for your family and household jobs. You'll have no bother with prioritising the to do list for your business

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 Have you ever stopped and thought about all the new things you've done since becoming a Mum? Lots of your Mum skills are transferable for your business! Download your FREE worksheet from The Badass BusinessMum and show yourself just how qualified you are to make a success of your business!

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the new things you've done since becoming a Mum? Lots of your Mum skills are transferable for your business! Download your FREE worksheet from The Badass BusinessMum and show yourself just how qualified you are to make a success of your business!

16. You have superb people skills

As a Mum you are many things to many different people - SuperMum and 'knower of all things' to your children (unless they're teenagers), team mate (in theory) to your other half, giver of friendly advice to other Mums.

You can deal with professionals - teachers, doctors, health visitors - and nosey strangers.

In your business life customers, suppliers, your accountant, your peers, people just starting out in your niche will all be looking for different information from you presented in different ways. You'll be able to treat them as differently but effectively as all the different types of people you come across as a Mum.

17. You have empathy

You are tired and have the same stinking cold as the inconsolable child flailing around in your arms and whining at 2am. But you are Mum so you cuddle and comfort and understand he doesn't know why he can't breathe properly or why his head hurts or why he really should take the Calpol you're trying to get into him.

While you probably won't have to display quite that level of empathy with your customers, to be successful you'll need to put yourself in their shoes and understand their needs and desires.

18. You always have a Plan B

You know how it is, you've got everything all planned out and then your little one is ill and all of a sudden your nice morning with your friend and her little one isn't happening and you've got a sad toddler on your hands. Cue Plan B!

You'll need Plan B for your business too - for dealing with technical difficulties, being let down by suppliers, customers cancelling or changing appointment times. Making them will be easy compared to making toddler friendly Plan B's!

19. You can plan a project

From crafts with your children at home to helping with fundraisers for school trips. You can tick project management off the business skills list.

You can set a goal, make a plan and follow it through to the end.

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20. You can collaborate with others

When you work with other Mums to plan a trip out, other Mums and Teachers for School trips and events, even the Health Visitor when getting your baby weighed!

A collaboration is an excellent business building technique too (and will probably be less stressful than anything involving school trips!)

21. You can learn new things

Think about how many new things you've learnt since becoming a Mum - how to change a nappy quicker than your toddler can get up and run away, how to unfold the buggy, how to fold it away again, how to clean sick off of a car seat (I know, I am truly gross for mentioning it but it's an impressive skill!) Mostly you've learnt how to care for a tiny little person who can't do anything for themselves. You've learnt all that, there is nothing you need to learn for your business that will be beyond you!

22. You appreciate the little things

You know when your toddlers are driving you mad throwing their toys around (again!) when all of a sudden your little boy starts laughing hysterically at his twin sister and you can't help but smile (<< true story. On a regular basis!) It's the little moments that add up to make being a Mum the best job ever (even though I contemplate getting a full time job (a paid full time job - you know what I mean!) at least once a day!)

Being a work at home Mum is hard work, especially at the beginning or if things are going slow. Learning to enjoy the little business triumphs will remind you are making progress.

23. You can network

Remember how you used to hate walking into a room of strangers. But now you can strike up a conversation with a fellow Mum you've only just met, discussing bedtime routines and mealtime disasters with no nervousness at all.

Remember that when speaking to other business owners (especially other work at home Mums) because you've got so much in common with them too.

24. You are an expert researcher

You have become the MASTER Googler! You have found information on strange rashes (who ever knew kids could get so many different types of rash??) and high temperatures, you now know all about positive parenting, attachment parenting, passive parenting, permissive parenting, you've read 35 million blog posts about fussy eaters (and still can't get your two-year old to eat anything other than sausages and waffles). Now just IMAGINE how much useful advice you're going to find to help your business!

25. You're already doing the scariest thing you'll ever do

Remember when you brought your baby home and you didn't have a clue what you were doing with that tiny fragile bundle? You know how now they're no-where near as tiny and you still don't know what you're doing but somehow it's a bit less scary. That's because your confidence as a Mum has grown. Nothing is as scary as being a Mum - and you're doing that already - so you can build a successful business too.

Time to Take Action! Big up your skills Sista! Download and print it out your Free 'Business Mum Skills' worksheet and write down at least 5 new things you've learnt / new skills you've obtained / projects you've completed since becoming a Mum. For each one write down at least one way the new skill will help / new things you need to learn / projects you'd like to complete for your business.

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