7 Deadly Facebook Business Page Sins

 Make sure you're not committing these seven deadly Facebook business page sins to avoid driving your fans away

Make sure you're not committing these seven deadly Facebook business page sins to avoid driving your fans away

Facebook is a 'can't live with it, can't live without it' kind of social media!

You really need to be on Facebook because.... well, everybody else is! You don't want someone to look for your Facebook page (<< there's mine by the way!) and there not be one! Yet since the algorithms all changed at the beginning of 2015 reach is terrible and gone are the glory days of free promotion for all when all you had to do was get as many likes as possible and at least some of them became customers.

Now it all seems to have got horribly complicated and every day some 'tip' appears on how to increase your reach. You need the right amount of characters in your text, you do need an image, you don't need an image, you need to use the right words, you need to avoid certain words... blah blah blah... it goes on.

You know what, all those tips, they might be true. But you and me haven't got the time for all that stressing over Facebook.

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The most important things to realise about Facebook are:

  • To get serious reach on your posts you need to pay.
  • Organic reach is not dead however. But the key is engagement. You have to get your page likers to like, comment and most of all share your posts.
  • The type of posts that engage your audience will depend on them, on you and on your type of business. Use trial and error to see what works.

So I can't tell you what to post on your business page. But what I can tell you is what not to do or post on your Facebook page. You need to avoid doing the following 7 things if you want people to see your business as professional and worth spending valuable Facebook time interacting with.

Sooo - how about a handy checklist you can print off? I made you one - a 'Facebook Business Page Content Checklist'. Just for you! (<< Click this link or the image below to download it>

<< 1. You're demanding people like your page >>

Most other businesses don't mind getting a post or a message with your link and something along the lines of 'I really like what you do, would you mind checking out my page at 'superduperfbpage'. If you tell them to like your page ('I've liked your page, now like mine' sort of message) they probably won't even look at it. And if you comment on one of their posts on their page with your business page link, it will probably get deleted and they definitely won't look at your page! (If they're having a bad day, they might even block you!) Using other business' posts to promote your own is just rude!

<< 2. Your page doesn't tell people what your business is >>

Make sure when people look at your page they can see what you make or do!! If your page is full of other page shares, other page's giveaways, random chat about last night's Eastenders or a million photos of your cat nobody will know what you do. People like business pages so they can keep up with what you're making and doing.

<< 3. You're making yourself look needy >>

This one is a major pet hate. You've probably seen the posts 'facebook is limiting who sees my page, if you don't like or comment facebook will remove you', 'my reach is low, please comment and like' etc etc. Facebook doesn't remove page likes from active accounts. These posts make you look like you haven't done your research and they make you look needy - don't do it!

<< 4. You're talking too much random nonsense >>

Random posts just to get people to comment, eg, 'what are your kids' names', 'tell me what time you saw this post' etc. They do work to get comments which facebook likes for engagement but don't do them too often. Please. Unless the question (or answers) are relevant to your brand they don't serve any purpose other than to get pointless comments.

<< 5. You're moaning too much >>

Don't complain about your customers or pick public fights with your competitors. Yes, sometimes customers can be annoying or upsetting but don't diss them in public. It is just unprofessional and rude!

<< 6. You're not proofreading your posts >>

Ok I know not everybody is perfect at spelling and grammar and the occasional typo does happen but don't publish posts with glaring errors. It makes you look amateurish. If you know your spelling is bad use a spell checker. And don't use text speak. Ever!

<< 7. Your photos are terrible >>

Terrible photos are.... well, terrible! Fuzzy photos, badly lit photos, photos where the gorgeous thing you've made is a tiny blob in a sea of other stuff.... you get the idea! Online your photos are very important to show off your products. Use natural light, make sure your subject is in focus. They don't have to be professional photos but it's not difficult these days to take good photos, even with a mobile phone. People won't buy your products if they can't accurately see what they're buying.

<< 8. You're treating everyone as your target market >>

(I know I said there was 7 deadly sins but there's an 8th one too! It's not that I can't count - '7 deadly sins' just sounds better!)

Not everybody is going to be interested in what your business. It doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's not for them. Or maybe it was once, but not now. But they're actually doing you a favour by not liking your page. If they're not really interested they won't be commenting or liking your posts so they'd just be an 'empty' like making your engagement look low. This is why you need to keep your target audience in mind at all times.

Time to Take Action! Download your Free 'Facebook Business Page Audit Checklist' and do a Facebook page content audit. Delete anything that's making your brand look bad! Keep the checklist somewhere safe and refer to it when you post new content too!

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