How to Start a Bullet Journal for Blog Planning

A complete guide to planning your Bullet Journal to help you run your Blog efficiently and productively, including Bullet Journal spread ideas for Bloggers and a full Blog & Business Bullet Journal planning flip-through

A complete guide to planning your Bullet Journal to help you run your Blog efficiently and productively, including Bullet Journal spread ideas for Bloggers and a full Blog & Business Bullet Journal planning flip-through

I have been using a Bullet Journal to plan, organise and track my Blog and Business since the beginning of 2017. This Blog post and Video show my set-up for my first Blog and Business Bullet Journal. 

A Bullet Journal might be the perfect blog planner for you if you're after:

  • A pen and paper system
  • Full flexibility
  • A planner you can get creative with

I've recently started a new journal for the second half of the year and I'm sharing my process so you can set up your own Blogging Bullet Journal, or add some Blogging spreads to your personal one. 

What do you want in your Blog Bullet Journal?

The first step is to decide what you need to include in your Bullet journal. Think about the things you'd like to track and the tasks and projects you work on for your Business and Blog. Consider what is missing from your current planner, the pages you don't ever use and the ones you use all the time. 

A Bullet Journal can be designed exactly as you want it. What does your perfect planner look like?

A Practice Monthly Spread

I set up a practice June Monthly to see how everything would fit in my new size notebook

If you're new to blogging, bullet journals or maybe simply lacking in inspiration, have a look on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, for loads of ideas, pictures, videos and tips. Some of my favourites are:

And I share my Bullet Journal on my Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest accounts. 

Plan your Bullet Journal

I used the front of my Bullet Journal to write notes, sketch layout ideas and draw practice layouts.

Bullet Journal Plans

I started with notes, sketches and doodles of my ideal Blog Bullet Journal

If you're a bit of a perfectionist, you might like to draw out your layouts in pencil, so you can make changes and corrections easily (that's what I did!)

Or you can just dive right in, create your spreads and just change them, add new ones and stop using the ones you don't like as you get to actually use your Bullet Journal. Flexibility is one of my favourite things about using a Bullet Journal as a planner.

Spreads to include in your Blogging Bullet Journal

It's obviously entirely up to you which spreads you include in your Bullet Journal, but here's what I've included in mine to give you some ideas:

  • Quarterly Goals
  • Stats Tracker
  • Monthly Goals
  • Brain dump / To Do list
  • Monthly Review
  • Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Blog Post Planning
  • Monthly Email Planning
  • Monthly Video Planning
  • Monthly Blog Post Promo Tracker
  • Monthly Video Promo Tracker
  • Monthly Shop Promo Tracker
  • Income and Expenses
  • Weekly Content Planning
  • Weekly Social Media Planning

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Draw your Spreads

After you've decided which spreads to include in your Bullet Journal, and what you want them to look like, it's time to draw them out. This is where it starts getting fun!


Practice run

I drew out a lot of my new spreads in pencil first to make sure I liked how they look

You can be super neat and tidy and use rulers and stencils and stamps for your layouts or you can draw everything out freehand, you can draw borders and columns and doodles or you can just write lists.

The most important thing to remember is create your spreads and layouts so you will use them. The functionality and efficiency of your Bullet Journal is more important than what it looks like.

How to make your Bullet Journal pretty!

I know I just said that the look of your Bullet Journal isn't important (and it's not) but I also know if you've been researching Bullet Journals for any length of time you will have seen some really really artistic ones! It's easy to think that you can't start a Bullet Journal because you 'can't draw' or 'aren't creative' or haven't got 'nice handwriting'. 

Colour Code

I use different colours for Blog posts, Video & Email in my Content Planning Spread to brighten it up

The original Bullet Journal concept, created by Ryder Carroll is very simple with no decoration at all, but if you are interested in adding a bit of sparkle to your Bullet Journal, here's a few simple ideas

  • Write nice headings for your spreads
  • Add doodles to your spreads, or create a monthly 'cover page' for a special start to every month
  • Use colour. Colour code your entries, add colour to your headings or use highlighters or coloured borders to make the important stuff stand out
  • Stick some pretty Washi tape to the edges of your pages, use it as heading backgrounds or use it as dividers in your spreads
  • Buy Bullet Journal stickers and Printable Inserts to get it done for you!

I hope you've enjoyed this look into how to design and start your own Business & Blogging Bullet Journal. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my Bullet Journal in action, and please comment with your questions or suggestions for future Bullet Journal Blog posts.

Watch the latest #PlanWithMe Video here for a complete Blog Planner flip through:

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