Blogging From The Beginning: Month 1

 Traffic report from the first month of a new blog plus social media strategy overviews for growing blog traffic from my last blog

Traffic report from the first month of a new blog plus social media strategy overviews for growing blog traffic from my last blog

This post is a slightly edited version of the first month's traffic and strategy report from, where I blogged (for a couple of months!) before the branding and name change to get here to The Badass BusinessMum. (This post explains the changes I made to go from Blah to Badass during the re-branding)

I have added some notes in italics to clarify or update the current situation in places. 

I absolutely love reading blog income and traffic reports but even I'll admit sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming when you're just starting out! You're only getting 4 views on your posts and there's this amazing blogger getting over 100k views a month and earning thousands. 

I made the decision to start sharing the blog traffic and income reports from the beginning to motivate you starting your new blog or in the early stages of your first blog so you know you're not alone and there are other new bloggers who are only getting 4 page views a day!!

Before you read this report I want to tell you I nearly didn't move it here. I nearly just deleted it because it doesn't represent what's most important here at The Badass BusinessMum. The priorities have changed. The social media strategies I've listed below are unchanged but social media and traffic is no longer my main priority for The Badass BusinessMum. The priority has shifted to the content. (Post coming soon to explain the fundamental thinking behind an incredible content strategy and how it works with your brand)

I kept it here because recognising that I needed that priority shift is important. It's very easy to get excited about growth without having something solid to grow. So, here it is - month 1 of a Brand New Blog.

The first month's Blog traffic

These numbers were from the in-built stats on

  • Views: 132
  • Visitors: 71

I actually thought those numbers were quite good, seeing as I was starting completely from scratch with no content on the blog other than the 12 posts I published that first month. I have no idea what a 'normal' amount might be for the first month but the first few posts only got about 4 views so I was really pleased at the growth by the end of the month.

My top referrer was Pinterest by miles. Which didn't surprise me as that was where my social media energy was being focused. My other referrers (in order of number of referrals) were Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo Search.

Most popular blog posts

I published 12 blog posts and my two most popular blog posts were:

(Both of those posts have been edited and republished here at The Badass BusinessMum)

The success of those two posts was helped by them both being pinned to group Pinterest blogging boards so being seen by a lot more people than just those following my boards. I also changed my images. You can see below the differences between them (Since I have changed my branding my blog images have also changed but I have left this photo as it was to show the 'then & now' comparison)

The new photographs looked so much more modern and appealing (and tell a story too) than the original turquoise watercolour background. 

'How to use Pinterest to attract Introverts' was also shared on Twitter by two popular bloggers (Erika Madden of and Tanja from Concious Introvert Success) boosting it's traffic enormously. 

Are you looking for a Blog Results Tracker for your blog? Download this 'Blog Traffic and Marketing results Tracker' I made for you! (<< Click the link to download or the image below)

 Track the growth of your blog to help you decide on your most effective marketing strategies. Keep track of your monthly goals, traffic, marketing results and social media growth by downloading and using your Free 3-page Blog Results Tracker from The Badass BusinessMum

Track the growth of your blog to help you decide on your most effective marketing strategies. Keep track of your monthly goals, traffic, marketing results and social media growth by downloading and using your Free 3-page Blog Results Tracker from The Badass BusinessMum

Social media strategy and results

Pinterest results

As I said above I focused my energy on Pinterest. (<< Follow me - if you want to!) I only have a limited amount of time and Pinterest seems to be the top referrer for most bloggers I'm following hence making the decision to prioritise it. (This decision hasn't changed. Pinterest is still my main focus for driving social media traffic to this blog and the strategy discussed in this post remains the same.)

I was pinning my blog posts to my blog board and then re-pinning to other relevant boards but the 2 blogging group boards are the ones that are generating re-pins and traffic. The two most popular posts mentioned above both got good re-pins on the group boards (13 for 'How to attract Introverts using Pinterest....' and 10 for 'Getting Started: Overcoming Over-thinking...'). I know these numbers are tiny but in comparison to 1 re-pin from my own boards if I was lucky, I included them to demonstrate the numbers that group boards can generate

Future Pinterest strategy

My Pinterest strategy is to focus on group boards. I have an initial list of 10 to (hopefully) join that I was already following that had instructions on how to become a contributor. They cover a range of topics so I'll be able to spread my posts across them.
Other than group boards I simply need to continue re-pinning and pinning good, useful content and grow my own following.

Twitter results

I had 414 followers on Twitter (<< Follow me on Twitter if Twitter's your thing!)

I have had some success with Twitter and did set out a posting schedule and start using Hootsuite to schedule my Twitter posts. This fell by the wayside a bit because it was taking me ages to actually do the scheduling. I was getting more followers on the days I was scheduling posts so I really do need to find a more efficient way of doing it that takes me less time.

I think Twitter is a really good place to connect with other bloggers and I've been stalking a couple of really great chats (#createlounge and #ellechat) that, sadly, are hosted by US bloggers so are timed at 1am here in the UK, which is just too late at night! I've been learning an awful lot though by checking the hashtags the following day. 

Future Twitter strategy

I have two things I need to do to improve results on Twitter:

  • Find a quicker way of scheduling posts and include more personal snippets and photographs and not just links.
  • Find a UK blogging Twitter chat to join.

(This Twitter strategy also remains the same. I am now using Buffer for my social media scheduling)


I've been very undecided on Facebook. (<< I created a page in the end - it's here if you'd like to 'like' it!) I feel I should have a presence there because it is still the most popular social media site and I know my target market hangs out there but I'm definitely talking to myself at the moment!

The plan is to simply share something once or twice a day, again using automated scheduling (to avoid spending too much time on social media when I could be blogging!) In theory, the liker numbers will grow as my readership does so hopefully I won't be talking to myself for too long.

I am planning on making the most of Facebook groups for building relationships with other bloggers and for getting support and advice. I've joined one so far, which has already directed a couple of views to the blog and in the future I will have a look for a couple more to join.

(I have joined several Facebook groups in the lead up to the launch of The Badass BusinessMum and I'm interested in seeing the amount of traffic I get from joining in with the promotional threads. Mostly though I am just enjoying the online community and being able to ask questions in a supportive environment

Other social media: Google+ and Instagram

All the different social media sites have reasons for me wanting to join them. But I know I can't be everywhere all at once and I genuinely think I am better off sticking to a couple of sites and doing them really well than just scrape the surface of them all.


I feel I should do something with Google+ (<< That there is my Google+ page link - come over and have a nosey!) because I have a gmail email account so automatically have a Google+ account for Create || Flourish || Succeed. I have also read that Google likes Google+ (no surprises there!) I think I'm missing a trick not doing anything with the profile I have! The main reason I haven't is because I don't know how it works and have been told it takes a bit of working out!! I need to get over that though and spend a few hours learning the ropes. I always think of Google+ as 'business' social media and not like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram that started simply as ways for people to be social and businesses then utilised them for their advantages.

(Since writing this post I got to spend some time on Google+ though I never did properly set up the Create || Flourish || Succeed page or my profile. I have done for The Badass BusinessMum though. SEO is a big focus for The Badass BusinessMum and Google+ is one of the platforms I'm using to increase it.


I have never even been on Instagram! But I am starting to think I should! I've had it recommended to me by a fellow Introvert and I've seen it mentioned by several bloggers as their social media of choice and even seen it suggested as a Facebook replacement!

I'm thinking I might spend some time checking it out before I decide whether it's worth devoting serious time to.

(This still remains the same! Still not on Instagram, still think I should be, still not enough hours in the day!)

So that was my traffic and social media results and my social media plan from the first month (when blogging at

And! Just for you I've included a list of blog posts I've found helpful for starting a blog you plan to run as a business. And some income reports too, so you know what to aim for ;).

Blogging Resources

Starting a Blog

Inspiration to 'Get Started'

Social Media Advice

Income Reports

Time to Take Action! Do you track your blogging traffic and marketing results? It is really important that you do (even if you're not going to be doing traffic and income reports!) so you can keep track of your successes and failures and make adjustments to your goals and strategies when required. Your Free download today is a 'Monthly Blog Traffic and Marketing Results Tracker' for you to use. So you have no excuses not to now!