How to Turn Smart Goals into SmartER Goals that get Real Results

 Why you need more than just SMART Business and Blogging goals to get Real Results!

Why you need more than just SMART Business and Blogging goals to get Real Results!

It's the time of year for setting goals. For looking forward to next year and dreaming about all the things you want to achieve.

But how often have you set goals that you've not achieved?  

How often have you started the year with great intentions only to lose all momentum by March? Or get distracted by all your other ideas that you just have to try? Or get so overwhelmed trying to do everything that paralysis sets in and you end up doing nothing?

How do people set goals and actually get the results they were aiming for? 

Luckily for you, I have just launched a Skillshare class - How to Set Scary-Exhilarating Goals; A Guide for the Ambitious Entrepreneur, just for bloggers and biz owners, that answers that exact question!

And today I'm giving you a sneaky peek at one of the things I talk about in the class....

Why Successful Goals are more than just SMART

I expect you've heard of smart goals.

And while I still think that goals need to be smart to be successful I've discovered that for goals to drive real mind blowing success they have to be more than just SMART!

Before we dive into what your goals need to be above and beyond smart; here's a quick reminder of what SMART stands for. And why SMART goals are still essential.

'S' is for Specific

So you know exactly what you're aiming to do, how you're gonna do it, and when it's going to be done

'M' is for Measurable 

Your goal needs a number. Numbers let you see exactly if all the work you're doing is getting the results you want it to.

'A' is for Attainable 

Are you ever going to achieve your goal if you carry on the way you are?

'R' is for Relevant

Are you working towards a goal that's going to grow your blog or business in the long term?

'T' is for Timescale

Because you need a deadline!

But the trouble with smart goals is they're all about the practicalities. They're the sort of goals that your boss at your 9-5 gives you. You know exactly what needs to be done, how and when and because your boss is there to keep you 'motivated', it doesn't matter that you're as enthusiastic about it as you are about visiting the Dentist.

But when you're working for yourself you need to be the boss. Your goals have to be meaningful enough that you continue to work towards them even when everything is going horribly wrong!

When plans A, B and C haven't gone to plan, your goals need to mean enough for you to dust yourself off after your cry, and create Plan D!

So how do you set goals like that?

You don't need SMART Business goals. You need SMARTER goals!

Smarter goals have two extras included that take your practical, dull-day-job type goals to leap-out-of-bed-in-the-morning goals!

E is for Energising

Your goals have to get you excited! A goal that doesn't excite you isn't going to motivate you. When you're setting your goals the best ones make you feel all tingly with excitement that you're bold enough to believe you can actually do that!

As your own boss you need to believe in your goals. You started your own business for a reason. You chose your particular business model for a reason. Goals that align with those reasons, with your ‘why’, will get you excited to get started. And excited to keep moving forward and trying new things when the first thing you tried didn't work so well.

R is for Rewarding

The difference between Smart goals and smarter goals is emotions. The feeling of excitement and anticipation when you find a project you believe in 100% and that feeling of pride and empowerment when you reach your milestones.

Rewarding goals are goals that are worth working towards. They are goals that you are proud to tell everybody about. They are goals that are more than sales figures and client numbers and blog traffic.

They are goals that mean you can live a life you only ever dreamed of, a life you’re barely even brave enough to admit out loud that you want.

If those sound like the sorts of goals you want to be setting for your Blog and Business, join me in How to Set Scary-Exhilarating Goals; A Guide for the Ambitious Entrepreneur and find out: 

  • Why your goals need to be more than just SMART
  • 2 Simple and Effective Exercises to Discover what you really want
  • How to align your goals with your long term Business Visions
  • How to make to your goals Specific so you see Real Results
  • What to do with your Goals to make them Work for your Business

What's Included in the Class?

  • Each class is divided into between 5-6 bite-size video lessons perfect for Busy Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

  • There is no start or end date. Learn when you want, wherever you want

  • Put your new skills to practical use by completing the class project

  • Get help and advice in the discussion forum

  • Watch the classes on the go with the Skillshare app (even if you don't have internet)

How much do you need to invest?

HOW About nothing?

Yes seriously! This Goal Setting Class is hosted on Skillshare, and with my unique referral link you get 2 Months Free Premium Membership, which gets you access to the full library of 17,000 Premium classes. I've shared 40+ of my Favourite Blogging and Business classes in this post.

Make 2018 the Year for Your Blog!

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