How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts for your Brand New Blog

 How to write blog posts that engage and convert your readers that you can share again and again. Plus grab a list of 30+ evergreen blog post ideas for your Brand New Blog

How to write blog posts that engage and convert your readers that you can share again and again. Plus grab a list of 30+ evergreen blog post ideas for your Brand New Blog

In this blog post busting the myth that starting a blog is quick and easy I list 8 things you need to plan before you start your blog (unless you want everyone to know it's brand new of course!) One of the things I discussed was a Content Plan.

If you want to be taken seriously from Day 1 you need to launch your blog with blog content already on it. Launching a new blog without blog posts is like opening a new shop with a sign on the door saying 'stock coming soon but come in and I'll tell you how amazing it's going to be'! 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of launching a blog with blog posts already on it and how to optimise those blog posts to help grow your traffic, encourage engagement and bring readers back to your blog.

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6 benefits of launching your blog with live blog posts 

Keep readers on your Blog for longer

What are readers going to do if they arrive on your blog and you've only got one post on it? They're going to read it and then move on somewhere else. A small collection of blog posts will give your readers more to do when they visit your blog.

Don't look like a complete newbie

If you want your site visitors to subscribe to your list and buy your stuff or hire you, you need to show you are a pro. There's nothing that says newbie more than a blog with only one post! Create a library of posts and show that even though your site may be brand new your passion and experience of your subject isn't.

Show you know your stuff

Informative and helpful content is the best way to establish yourself as an 'expert' in your industry. Proving you can write at length and in detail on a topic shows new visitors arriving on your blog that you have a lot of knowledge and experience.

Give a more thorough brand experience

Blog content is a brilliant way of creating a brand experience for your visitors. Your subject, way of writing, type of content and the way you deliver it all adds up to tell your brand story. The more content available for your visitors to engage with, the more thorough their experience with your brand. And hopefully the more they'll want to experience! 

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Vary what you're promoting

When you're blog is new you're going to be promoting it all over the place! And you're going to get a bit boring and repetitive just promoting one blog post. Have a little library of posts written and you can vary your promotion and introduce people straight away to a fuller picture of your blog niche.

Create a thorough introduction to your products / services

When you write sales and service pages and product descriptions you only want to share the important information. Enough to attract people's attention and answer their most pressing questions. But let's face it, you have loads of information to share with your potential customers. So instead of just hoping they'll visit your static information pages, use your blog posts to talk about happy customers, special product features and FAQs. Don't forget to link back to your product and service pages in your blog posts.

How to write the perfect Pre-launch blog posts

Start as you mean to go on

Keep your blog post format, image styles, content upgrades, writing style and calls to action consistent. Remember what I said about creating a brand experience. You don't want to unintentionally create a brand experience which you're going to change at a later date and put people off.

Provide help and information not just 'here's an intro to my product'

Promoting your sales pages or products everywhere is a good way of quickly becoming annoying!  But sharing thoughtful and helpful information about them in the form of a blog post gives you the chance to promote yourself, show your expertise and increase your chances of your post getting shared.

Create a post for each of your Blog categories

Show the full range of your expertise and introduce your new visitors to all the topics they can expect to read about on your blog. Create 'pillar' content that you can link back to from multiple blog posts.

Keep Blog posts on a similar / related topic to keep visitors on your site

Link between your blog posts and static pages to encourage your audience to click around your site and explore more content on the same subject. Choose a theme to write about for your Pre-launch blog post content so it's easy to link it all together.

Make your Blog posts super easy to share

Include social sharing buttons, 'click to tweets' and pin it for later links. Include links to your social media so readers can tag you when they do share. Actually ask your readers to share your content. The more shares you get on social media, the more traffic your blog will get. Don't forget to interact with and thank your readers for sharing. 

Include a call to action

Encourage your readers to interact by asking them to subscribe / buy / download / comment or whatever you want them to do. Make it clear what you want them to do and what's in it for your readers (eg: the perks of being a subscriber, how your download will help them, that you'll reply to any questions asked in the comments etc) 

Write 'evergreen' posts for re-purposing & re-sharing at a later date

Here's a painful truth. I see a lot of people stressing about what they should write for their first blog post but there's a good chance that only 10 people are going to see it! And hardly anyone is going to read your posts in the order you wrote them. So write content that will still be relevant and useful in 6 months or a year's time when you can update it and re-share it or re-purpose it as part of a content upgrade, email newsletter or even a product.

Time to Take Action: Download your FREE checklist of 30+ types of evergreen Blog posts to engage and inform your audience and brainstorm ways you can use these types of Blog post within your niche. Plan to have between 5-10 blog posts already live on your blog when you launch and plan your content at least a month in advance so your blog is kept updated. 

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