How to Dramatically Increase your Traffic with Pinterest. In 30 Days or Less!

Discover the 3 most important lessons I learned from The Pinterest Growth Project that helped me grow my Blog Traffic by 300%. And find out how you can do it too by joining the Free PinGroPro Pinterest Challenge

Discover the 3 most important lessons I learned from The Pinterest Growth Project that helped me grow my Blog Traffic by 300%. And find out how you can do it too by joining the Free PinGroPro Pinterest Challenge

Between 6th June and 6th July I ran a Pinterest experiment I named The Pinterest Growth Project. Or #PinGroPro. 

It turned into a pivotal experiment in deciding the future of The Badass BusinessMum. It taught me the benefits of learning as part of a group and it taught me 3 Very Important Lessons about Pinterest and how to use it to Increase Blog Traffic & Subscribers. 

I already wrote an info-packed (5000 words!!) blog post on How to Grow your Blog Traffic with Pinterest and now I want to share the results from the Project, the 3 most important takeaways from it and how I'm developing #PinGroPro into an epic 30-day Challenge and Pinterest Mastermind & Membership Hub!

The 3 Fundamental Pinterest Strategies

There are tons of different strategy suggestions for Pinterest, varying from totally pointless ones like 'change the descriptions of everything you pin' (seriously, who has got the time for that?!) to controversial ones like the great Deleting Pins debate. But all the useful ones have their roots in 3 fundamental things that you absolutely MUST get right if you want to see optimum growth of your Pinterest Account and Blog Traffic.

Optimise your Pinterest Account

Your Pinterest account is an extension to your Blog. Your boards, pins and profile need to be curated and written with your Ideal Target Audience in mind. To optimise your Pinterest Account:

  • Have niche and audience specific boards
  • Use your Blog Keywords in your Profile and Board Titles & Descriptions
  • Create a cohesive attractive look to your profile by paying attention to your Board Covers

These 3 simple steps make a huge difference by making your profile and pins more visible in Pinterest Search and more likely to appear in the Smart Feed and most importantly, you will be attracting people to your pins and profile that are interested in your content and what your blog or business has to offer.

Make Sure Your Blog is Pinterest Friendly

Your Blog needs to be Pinterest Friendly in three ways:

  1. It needs to be easy to pin from your Blog
  2. You need to have 'Pinterest Friendly' images
  3. Readers arriving on your Blog from Pinterest needs to have a positive experience

One of the most successful changes I made during my Pinterest experiment was to update some of my images. I have always had vertical 'Pin Friendly' images and I've always included the blog titles on them but my click throughs weren't that great. So I changed the titles of 5 of my blog posts, lightened up the images and added calls to action and mock ups of my content upgrades. Every one of the 5 pins I changed got re-more pins in 2-3 weeks than the previous version did in more than 3 months! (And one of them has had nearly 1000 re-pins!) Lesson learned: If your pins aren't performing as well as you'd like, consider making some changes them!

It's not enough to only create attractive, vertical images that people want to pin, you need to make it really easy for your readers to pin them. Add a hovering 'Pin It' button, social sharing buttons or 'Pin it for later' text or image links.

Did you know that 75% of Pinterest daily traffic is from mobile devices? If your Blog isn't optimised for mobile, 75% of the traffic coming from your pins isn't going to get a good user experience when they visit! That's a scary statistic that you NEED to take notice of if you want to use Pinterest to it's full potential.

Pin Lots (and lots and lots!!) and Pin Consistently

If you ever want a way to stay accountable for something, start a Facebook Group about it and promise to share you results with The Internet! 

I've had a Pinterest Account for The Badass BusinessMum for about a year and I've always gone through feast and famine bouts with it, pinning a ton of pins one week and pretty much nothing the next. But in the last 5-6 weeks I've made a huge effort to be be consistent. My daily pinning schedule looks something like this:

  • 30 pins to my own boards of other people's content
  • 30 pins to Group Boards of other people's content
  • Avg 15 of my own pins across various Group Boards
  • 1-6 of my own pins to my own boards

And I've been sticking to it! Since the 6th June when I started my Pinterest Experiment:

  • My followers have increased from 613 to 930 (an increase of over 50% in 5 weeks!)
  • My Avg daily re-pins has increased over 500% from 8 to 33
  • My Avg daily clicks on my pins has increased by over 300% from 6 to 19

So, I can definitely say that more Profile Activity = More Re-pins & More Traffic. Which leads me onto....

The #PinGroPro Blueprint Pinterest Challenge

Yep, I'm doing it again! A 30-day Pinterest Growth Challenge. But this time it's planned. It's upgraded. And it's part of the Beta testing of the #PinGroPro Blueprint Course and the #PinGroPro Membership Hub! 

And it's free. But ONLY if you join us before the end of the Challenge. It honestly won't be free again.

Who is The #PinGroPro Challenge for?

It's for YOU

  • If your Blog or Site has been active a while but you haven't put a lot of effort into Pinterest
  • If you're a New Blogger or Business Owner who wants to use Pinterest as a source of referral traffic right from the beginning
  • If you want to build a Following and Subscribers before you even launch your Blog or Business
  • If you know you need to Power Up your Pinterest Strategy but don't know where to start

What you get with The #PinGroPro Pinterest Challenge

  • 30 Days of Actionable Tips to help you Grow your Traffic & Subscribers with Pinterest
  • 4 e-guides and fillable pdf workbooks. One for each Module. The Modules are: Prepping for Pinterest, Is your Site Pinterest Ready? Creating a Powerful Pinterest Account and Pinning for Growth.
  • Over 2 hours of Video Tutorials
  • Daily discussions of each step in The Membership Hub
  • My Exact Pinning Schedule and 'Pin Planner'

What you won't get with the #PinGroPro Pinterest Challenge

  • Any inflated expectations or 'guarantees' of the Growth you will achieve
  • Any change to your current results whatsoever if you don't actively implement and follow through on all the Steps

What does it mean to be a #PinGroPro Beta Tester?

  • You'll get a sh*t load of REALLY good free stuff!
  • I will ask you to provide me with feedback on your opinions on the training, course materials and communication within the Membership Hub FB Group
  • I need you to ask questions if ANYTHING doesn't make sense or work as it should do, and / or give me suggestions of how to improve your experience of the Course or Membership Hub
  • With your permission, I would like to use your feedback and Challenge Results for Examples, Case Studies and Testimonials here on the Blog 
  • You are under absolutely NO obligation to sign up for full Membership

What REALLY good FREE stuff will you get as a #PinGroPro Membership Hub Beta Tester?

  • The #PinGroPro Blueprint Course FREE 
  • Pinterest Promotion and Business Collaboration opportunities
  • Weekly Pinterest and Blogging and Small Business Q+A sessions
  • Exclusive Pinterest Training Workshops
  • Early Access to the Full Membership Hub
  • Exclusive Perks on signing up for Full Membership

Time to Take Action! What are you still doing here? Go join up for #PinGroPro. I can't wait to see you there!

Actually, before you go, I'd love it if you could Pin This Post! I need your help to make it 'go viral'!