10 Benefits of Email Coaching for the Business Owner that's been avoiding Hiring a Coach

 10 Benefits of Email Brand Development Coaching for the Business Owner who's putting off hiring a coach. Find out if email Coaching is right for you and your Business?

10 Benefits of Email Brand Development Coaching for the Business Owner who's putting off hiring a coach. Find out if email Coaching is right for you and your Business?

Are you feeling stuck in your Business? Are you no longer inspired by your Blog? Do you keep attracting clients that stress you out? Does your Brand feel misaligned with your personal values? Or do you think you need to be someone else to have a successful business?

You know it's time to hire a coach don't you? You know a coach can help you define you Brand and move your Blog & Business forward. But....

  • The mere thought of 'hopping on a quick discovery call' terrifies you.

  • Your brain stops working when you have to answer questions on the spot.

  • Finding 60 uninterrupted minutes all in the same hour virtually impossible.

  • You've been putting off hiring a Coach and moving forward in your Business because of any or all of the above reasons.

If you are, I think Email Coaching is gonna get you excited!

10 Benefits of Email Coaching

Email coaching isn't for everyone and it doesn't suit all types of coaching. For email coaching to work you have to be fully committed to providing in depth, well thought out answers to your coach's emails, you have to be self motivated and ready to get fully involved in any exercises your coach encourages you to do. 

If that sounds like you, keep reading for 10 more benefits of Email Coaching you might not have thought of.

No scary phone or Skype calls

Email Coaching is the perfect solution for Introverts. As an Introvert I know how scary it is to talk on the phone or Skype to someone you hardly know, especially when discussing something as personal your dreams for your Business. Email coaching is a totally introvert friendly, low pressure experience allowing you to get personalised Business support without having to manage social interactions. And if at any point in the coaching process, you want to schedule a Skype chat, I am perfectly happy to do that too.

No scary Discovery calls with someone you don't know

I don't know about you, but the thought of 'just scheduling a 10 minute chat' with someone I've never met and have hardly even interacted with online is, honestly, terrifying. I'm not going to lie, it's what me put me off offering Coaching services for a looooong time! Instead, I ask you to read through the very thorough Intro pack and then fill out a short Introductory Questionnaire to determine if we'd be a good fit. 

If, after filling out the Introductory questionnaire, you'd like to schedule a Skype call, that is fine but I'm also totally happy if you don't.

Email Coaching is incredibly flexible

With no set appointment times, there's no pressure to fit in a coaching call somewhere between working, looking after little ones and doing essential things like eating and sleeping! And then there's time zones and trying to fit in with your coach's schedule as well! You can reply to an email whenever it suits you, you can take all day to write one if you need to and you can do it while wearing your PJs with your kids watching Peppa Pig in the background.

On the other hand, it is also possible to set specific times or days of the week to send you emails that suit your schedule.

You get written records

When you communicate via email everything is written down. There is no need to take notes or play back a recording of a call to remember what was discussed and when. 

Attachments and links can be emailed through at the time of discussion and can be looked at in conjunction with the email, so all information is considered at the same time. 

You get Time to formulate and consider your answers

If you're one of those people that freezes up when people ask you a question, or find it really hard to answer a question verbally, email coaching is perfect for you. You have time to write your email replies. You can go back and add further thoughts, you can make edits. You can take your time to say what you actually want to say, not whatever random thing comes out your mouth when you try to articulate what's in your head! 

you can Take time digesting information

As well as giving you time to formulate your answers, email coaching gives you time to really consider the questions you've been asked and digest the information that your coach has sent you. 

Along with my brain's inability to quickly formulate a sensible reply to a thoughtful question is my inability to quickly digest information. So, if you're like that too, email coaching will give you the time to read and re-read information, to make sure you've fully considered everything, maybe even done your own research, before you settle down to write your reply.

Replying in writing helps you to consider options

Have you ever noticed that when you sit down to write, ideas flow more freely than when you're attempting to sit down and 'think' about something. This is because writing uses the left side of your brain, which frees up the right side of the brain for thinking. So while you're concentrating on the physical act of writing (or typing) your brain is busy in the background, thinking about things!

While you are writing your email replies, it's quite likely you will come up with more thoughts and ideas than you had when first reading your coach's email. And if you take a little time out to take notes with a pen and paper, it's highly likely you'll have even more breakthroughs.

Writing is good for your mental health

Brand Development and Blog coaching isn't only about strategy, goals and action plans. It's also about exploring your blocks, working through the beliefs that are holding you back and will most likely involving upgrading your mindset. 

If you are someone that backs away from talking about your feelings or deepest desires, it's quite likely that sharing them out loud to someone you don't know all that well is going to be really hard for you. But when you write them in an email there is a little distance between you and your coach. And while hiding things from your coach is only going to harm your coaching experience and hinder your results, not having to see your coach's reactions to your thoughts will make the situation feel less personal and invasive and a lot more positive.

Email as often as you like

You can email me every day if you like, and I will get back to you within 24 hours (on working days). There's no need for appointments, no need to wait for a weekly call or check-in; whenever you hit a block, have a question or want to share a breakthrough, I will be there to receive your email.

email coaching is Cost effective

I see a lot of talk online claiming that people who aren't prepared to invest in a coach aren't ready to be in business. But I know that there are also a whole tonne of other things to invest in for your Business, and especially if it's new, sometimes the cash for a coach just isn't there!

Email coaching is cost effective, there is more flexibility for me too, meaning I can work with several clients at a time, I don't have to spend time watching coaching videos back, because all the details of the conversation are right there in the emails, and just like you, I can write emails in my pyjamas after the kids have gone to bed too! (Less time looking reasonable on camera, more time working with you!)

My Email coaching is only $299 for the first month (and $199 for each subsequent month)

Hire me for a month (or more) of Brand Development or Blog Strategy Coaching (or a combination of the two) and I will support you every step of the way as you dig deep into your beliefs and values to define your Goals, work through what's currently holding you back and make a plan of action to move forward.

Find out more about my Coaching Services, or

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