4 Essential Steps to Writing Valuable and Memorable Blog Posts

 How to Write valuable and memorable blog posts that stand out to your blog readers. 4 Essential steps plus a Blog Content Creation and Promotion Checklist

How to Write valuable and memorable blog posts that stand out to your blog readers. 4 Essential steps plus a Blog Content Creation and Promotion Checklist

We've covered what established bloggers found most surprising about starting their blogs, the Blog Planning stages and the technical Blog Set up. Today it's time to get started on actually writing your blog posts! Keep reading to find out how to write extraordinary Blog Posts that your readers will lurve!!

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I have a secret Pinterest board where I save my absolute favourite blog posts. I read hundreds of posts a week (I don't share anything on Pinterest or Twitter unless I've at least skimmed it!) so for something to get onto this secret board it has to be special. It has to stand out. 

So how do you write blog posts like that? Ones that stand out and get saved to refer back to again and again.

What makes a Blog post 'secret-Pinterest-board-worthy'? 

  1. It has to have value for your readers. Not necessarily in a practical way, before you start thinking you can only write tutorials! It can be useful by being an inspiring story that encourages action or makes your reader feel less alone, it might introduce your reader to a new product or tool, or even present an abstract concept that changes their way of thinking.

  2. And it has to be memorable if you want yours to be the post your readers remember out of all the posts they read on the subject.

4 essential Steps to writing memorable and valuable blog posts

Plan your Blog posts before your write them

You may be able to get lucky and write a save-worthy post by 'winging it' and writing whatever pops into your head but as a general rule, to create a value-packed blog post, you need to have a plan!

Start by writing an outline of your post. Make notes of what you want to include in the introduction, in the 'meat' of the post and the main takeaway at the end. At this stage, bullet points are fine and you may find the creativity flows better if you write your notes on paper. Think about the best order to present your information or points for maximum usefulness and impact.

Your introduction should hint at what your post is about and why it should be important to your readers'. The middle is where you put all the good stuff and your end should be a re-cap of the most important points you made, along with an action point for your readers'. Ask a question to encourage comments, give them an action step to complete, encourage your readers to act and your post will be remembered for being the one that provoked change.

Writing an outline makes sure your post stays relevant to the point you are making. It makes you think about the information you need to include to make your post valuable and the areas you might need to do some research or reference some facts.

If you'd like a 30-point checklist for writing consistent blog posts, join us in The Badass Businessmum's Club and get immediate access to that, and a whole load of other free resources especially created for new bloggers, small business owners and Mompreneurs. 

 Get your hands on a Free 30-point Blog Post Content Creation and Promotion Checklist by joining us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club

Get your hands on a Free 30-point Blog Post Content Creation and Promotion Checklist by joining us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club

Write a compelling headline

If you want anyone to read your blog post, it needs an amazing headline! On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest! (Source - Copyblogger)

Your headline needs to attract attention and pique curiosity, while still giving an accurate taste of what the blog post is about. Don't just write a headline that sounds amazing when your post is only vaguely related.

Headline writing resources: 

Make your Blog posts easy to read

Honestly, I thought this was something everyone knew. Until I came across a post the other day that was a single block of text. Without any paragraphs, let alone headings or lists! Strangely enough, I didn't stop to read it! 

Make your post easy to read! I am 99.9% certain your's won't be the only post about your subject that your reader has come across. Make your's memorable by being immediately useful in the very first skim of your text. 
Use headings. Headings break your text into sections, make it easy to tell what each section is about and encourage your readers to carry on reading.

Use different levels of headings to show relative importance of the points you're making and subdivide the sections of your post. Differentiate your levels of headings using text styles, typefaces or colours.

Bullet points and lists help break up text and are great for summarising useful information. Number your lists to create easy to follow step by step guides or let your audience know how far they've got through your blog post. 

Break up your blog post into short paragraphs. The white space between the paragraphs give your readers' eyes time to rest and their brains time to absorb what you're telling them. Keep your paragraphs quite short; only 2 or 3 sentences and keep your writing waffle free and to the point. 

Always edit your blog posts. Edit for:

  • General flow of text and ease of reading
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Personality and brand identity

It can help to read your blog posts out loud when you are editing. Another tip I've seen is to read each sentence backwards which forces you to read each word and not skim over any. 

Injecting your personality into your posts by using specific words or phrases or including personal stories helps your readers get to know you. It makes you recognisable as a person, not just a blog or a brand. 

For more actionable tips and over 30 ideas for evergreen, shareable blog posts, have a read of How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts for your Brand New Blog.

Over deliver on your readers' expectations!

When was the last time you saved a 350 word post for referring back to? I'm guessing never!

So if you want your readers to save your content, it needs to be thorough! It needs to be in-depth and it needs to be 'more' than all the other wishy washy 'advice' on the same topic plastered all over the Internet.

How you do 'more' is up to you and depends on what you want your brand to be known for.

You might be all about authenticity and realness, in which case your 'more' might be about letting your personality shine through and sharing the warts and all of your experiences.

Or your brand might be about sharing exact strategies, so your 'more' might include facts and figures and in-depth case studies.

And for me, I'm all about action and information. So you get links to further resources, and worksheets and adult homework to get your brain working and thinking about what I've told you.

Like I said at the beginning, your post has to be valuable and memorable. You don't do that by writing the same post on your subject as everyone else has.

Time to Take Action! Choose a Blog post topic you are particularly knowledgeable and / or passionate about and (for bonus points) directly relates to how you are planning on monetising your blog and write an epic blog post about it!

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