How to Face your Fears and Start your Blog Today

 Face your fears and get your Blog Started Today! Enrol in the Free Blog Creation Course and make it even easier

Face your fears and get your Blog Started Today! Enrol in the Free Blog Creation Course and make it even easier

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to your success as a Business Mum is your own doubts and worries! You place yourself under a lot of pressure to make everything just right from the start (I did it too, I think it's pretty standard practice actually!) You try and follow all the advice and do absolutely everything that new Bloggers 'should' be doing.

It's totally normal to have doubts and second guess yourself about starting your Blog or starting something new for your Blog. In fact, it shows how much you care and that you've put a whole load of time and effort and thought into it so far.

But you do need to start your Blog or launch that new product or service at some point! And the sooner you do, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards!

So how do you overcome all the doubts swirling round in your head to get your new business venture out there?

Ask if the doubts are justified

First of all, before I get all 'ye-ha, go for it' on you and get you downloading worksheets! (<< Free Start Up Checklist and To Do list right there by the way!), I want you to stop and actually think about what it is that's making you doubt that you can do this thing. Because sometimes those gut feelings are actually right and there is something slightly off with your current plan.

You are still 100% capable of starting a successful Creative Business or Blog though, don't think that you're not! (Or I shall have to come and (virtually) slap you for getting all negative on me!)

So know you and your gut have had a chat and you've decided what it is you're worrying about - can you actually, physically, change it? And do you 100% need to?

Don't answer those questions yet! First read the rest of the post which will help you put your negative thoughts into perspective. Then come back and honestly answer those two questions!

Because, while I want you to launch your Blog (or new product, service etc) that you're happy with, I don't want you to be wasting time 'tweaking' little things or doing 'just one more thing' when you don't need to.

Done is better than perfect

Do not sacrifice the first 90% for the last 10%! In other words, think what you have achieved and created so far not the small things you think you still need to do.  

Focusing too much on perfection is a major problem when you've spent a lot of time researching. There are literally thousands of articles out there on the 'best way' to Blog. (I'm sure I've read most of them!)

You get caught up with having to do everything the 'right' way, and because some of these ways include a financial investment you can't make, technical know how you don't have or simply time you don't have you think that without these things you're going to do it 'wrong' and your Blog will be a disaster (<< By the way - not true)

If you don't think you've got everything perfect then launch anyway! Your version of the 'right' way is different to everyone else's at the end of the day!

If things work out with the resources you have then you know it's worth investing the money, hiring a professional or dropping another project to make the new one work. If you don't start, you'll never know!



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Face the fear head on

What if nobody reads my new Blog? What if nobody buys any of my products? Or worse, what if they read it and tell me it's terrible? Or buy something and they don't like it?

For starters, they will read your Blog or buy your products. I'm not gonna lie, it might take longer than you hoped and you might have to make some changes but..... It's definitely not going to happen if you don't launch that new thing and let your readers make up their own minds!!

"Those that don't fail aren't trying hard enough!"

To get really good at something, you're going to f**k it up plenty of times too.

Did you know Bill Gates' first business failed?

On the very small off-chance people do think your new Blog is terrible, really it's better if they do tell you why, then you will have some ideas on how to make it un-terrible. It really is true that you learn from your mistakes

So try it. If it goes wrong, you can always try again.  

You know waaaay more than you think you do

How many times have you wailed, 'OMG, everyone knows so much more than me, how could I possibly even think I have anything useful to say'?

This is another one that happens when you spend too much time reading Blogs in your niche or looking at other businesses doing what you want to do. You start thinking, why am I doing this? Everybody has said it or done it all before.

The thing to remember though is they've all said and done it their own way (the really successful ones have anyway), with their own take on the matter. You always know more about your particular passion than someone else. Even if you aren't yet an 'expert' (and I bet you're more of an expert than you think!) you have more knowledge than someone just starting out.

You are unique and your talents, education and life experiences all add up to make you different from everybody else! That's why it's soooo important in Blogging to use your personality and style to make your brand stand out. You don't want to be a carbon copy of the other successful Mom Bloggers out there, you want to be your own version of success!

So if you're scared to launch because you think people won't be interested in what you do or say - then go ahead and launch anyway! Just show the real you and people will want to know.

Now you can go back to the beginning of the post and see if you still really need to be changing or tweaking things.

What did you decide? Did you decide you are actually on the right track and don't really need to change anything? Now how about some ideas on how to keep pushing forward and silence the doubts.

Oh - would you like a free Getting Started document checklist and a handy printable To Do list? (You know you do!) << Just click on this link to download them!

Make a date

Set a launch date for your Blog or new offering. Pick a month if you're not sure of an exact date. A date will keep you focused on what actually needs to be done to enable your Blog to function rather than worrying about the little details.

Write a to do list

Write out a to do list. On paper. And stick it up somewhere you can see it. Then cross off items or put biiig ticks in brightly coloured markers when you've completed them. You will be able to physically see how much progress you're making (and if you're really lucky someone might offer to babysit or do your housework when they see how busy you are!)

Remind yourself of your Why

Why do you want to start your Blog? Why do you want to launch that new product or new service? Who is it going to help and why is that important to you? How is making your Blog a success going to improve your life? Write it down and put it somewhere prominent. It will keep you going when you're feeling unsure and remind you of why you decided to start in the first place!

Need some help going in depth with working out your why? Check out the 'Know your Why' worksheet in this '25 things you need to know about becoming a badass business Mum' post.

Something else I have to tell you is your Blog will change over time anyway. You'll expand or narrow your niche, change your services, add new products as your experience grows and you learn what your customers really want.

The Blog I had before I launched The Badass BusinessMum was similar in subject matter but didn't have a focused niche. I knew it was missing something but I launched it anyway knowing once I decided for sure on a niche I could launch the products. As it was, I changed the name and the branding when I realised it was you badass Mums I could help. So I pretty much started over again but I still don't regret starting that earlier blog because of the lessons I learned while I had it.

So launch now with what you have - every day you delay you are losing valuable experience of your Blog out in the real World. You will never know what you are really capable of until you try!

Time to Take action! Ready to Start your Blog? 



Don't forget to download your Getting Started Checklist and To Do List Printable to keep you organised and moving forward.