How to Choose a Niche to make your Blog Stand Out in the Crowd

 Read more and Discover 5 easy tips to help you Choose a Niche to make Your Blog Stand Out in The Crowd. (PLUS grab your Free Brilliant Blog Topic Checklist) 

Read more and Discover 5 easy tips to help you Choose a Niche to make Your Blog Stand Out in The Crowd. (PLUS grab your Free Brilliant Blog Topic Checklist) 

Starting a blog can be overwhelming! There's so much to do, so many different ways of doing it 'right'. This post covers how to choose what you should blog about. (There's a free Brilliant Blog Topic Checklist too. Download it here.)

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If you're not sure what you want to blog about or you have a million and one ideas, this post is for you!

You will find out:

  • What a blog niche is
  • How to decide which of your experiences & skills might translate to Blogging
  • How to write a niche-less blog around a theme
  • Examples of 10 Different Blog topics and how bloggers make them their own

What is a niche Blog?

A niche is a specific blog topic. It could be a broad niche, such as parenting, or a very specific niche, such as parenting a child with a specific medical condition.

Your blog niche is often a combination of your subject and your audience. (Eg; fashion for 30-something women, healthy cooking for busy moms, DIY tips for new home owners etc)



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The benefits of having a niche blog

It's good for Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine algorithms work by ranking the relevance of your blog to the search terms your readers are using. Google is more likely to see your blog as an authority site if your blog has an obvious niche.

Another bonus when it comes to search is if you have an unusual or very specific niche, there is less competition for the search terms your readers are using.

Your readers are interested in your whole blog

Your readers will probably find your site via a blog post. One easy way of encouraging your readers to hang around your blog is to link between relevant blog posts. This is really easy if your blog has a niche because your blog posts will all be written about one specific topic. 

With a niche-less blog you run the risk of your visitors just reading one post before they leave because they can't find anything else that interests them.

 You need to have readers who are consistently interested in your content if you want them to sign up to your email list and become clients and customers.

You will become recognised as a specialist in your niche

Being able to write consistently about a subject shows you really know your stuff. Sharing your knowledge of your niche reinforces your expertise and helps build trust in you and your brand. 

Building trust is essential to get clients and readers to part with their hard earned cash.

Your marketing is focused on your ideal reader

The key to making money from your blog is marketing it to the people that are going to fall in love with it. Which is a whole lot easier when you have a niche blog. You also have a niche audience!

It is fairly safe to assume that because you are writing this niche blog you know about the sort of people interested in the subject (eg; people like you!), what they want to know about it and which products they will actually buy.

What if I have lots of interests?

There are no rules that say you have to have a niche. In fact, many of the most popular and successful blogs are lifestyle blogs that cover a whole range of subjects including fashion, DIY, interiors, shopping etc all on the same blog.

There are some excellent tips on Rocking Your Nicheless Blog in this post on the Glamorous Glitter Blog

If you decide to start a blog with a variety of topics it's important that you keep it well organised. Make it easy for your blog visitors to find the categories they're interested in.

Find something that ties all the subjects together so you can create a consistent cohesive brand. Do this by writing for a specific audience. (Eg; lifestyle blog for college students, or single moms or dog owners)

Or build your brand around your style of writing. Do you write hilarious stories, or have a sarcastic sense of humour? Use your strong personality to keep your readers coming back for more.

How to decide what you should Blog about

Whatever you decide to blog about, it needs to be:

Something you are genuinely interested in 

You need to be genuine about your blog topic. You can't just decide you're going to start a blog about budgeting because the Making Sense of Cents Blog makes $49,000 a month doing it!

You're not gonna build up much of a loyal following if you keep getting bored and changing your mind about what you're going to blog about. Which you will do if your topic doesn't truly reflect your interests.

Something you are knowledgeable about

This one follows on from being genuinely interested in your topic. You need to know what you're talking about. You don't need to be an expert but you do need to write confidently about your topic and be able to explain concepts to readers with less knowledge than you.

There are so many new blogs starting up every day and there are so many blogs already being written you're just not going to cut it sharing basic information. Especially if you want to go down the route of selling info products like books or courses. Your paid products will need to give your customers more than what they can find on every other blog in your niche.

Something you are keen to learn more about

There is great potential for your blog to be a long term project. To be seen as an authority in your niche you need to keep up with changes and topical news. Developing and updating your own skills and knowledge will give you more material to share on your blog as well as consistently getting better at what you do.

Something you get Excited / passionate about

Really popular blog posts are the ones that stir the emotions. They might spark controversy or encourage empathy and the sharing of stories amongst your readers.

To write emotional blog posts you need to be emotional about your subject. You can't fake emotion! Even if you want to write more of a factual blog it's going to make you more relatable if you can show you really are passionate about your subject and get a bit excitable from time to time!

Write for an audience you know

A lot of blogs differentiate from each other by writing for specific people. Imagine you have 2 bloggers writing a travel blog. If one is writing for thrill seekers and one is writing for families with young children they could write about visiting the same country (or even the same city!) and the blog posts would be totally different.

One way of having a blog covering a wider range of subjects is to write your blog for a specific audience.

It's a very good idea to write your blog for an audience you know! And not just people you have stats on, people you know personally in real life. People like you is always a good idea! Then you have insider knowledge on what your audience is interested in and needs help with and how to write blog posts they'll enjoy and relate to.

Find out in this post how I chose my Blogging niche: From Blah to Badass: The Badass BusinessMum Blog Re-brand

A look at 10 Blog examples & their niches

I asked in a couple of Facebook groups for people to share their blog topics. I got a brilliant response and have chosen 10 to share with you. Some have a very specific niche, some are 'lifestyle' blogs that cover a wide range of subjects. But they are all written by 'normal' people - some of them Mums like you and me - about topics that are 'everyday' to them. You really can blog about pretty much anything!

Beauty Blogs

I have categorised these two blogs together as Beauty Blogs but they are very different in terms of content and audience focus.

Lilypad Spa Savvy is a blog and online course provider for professionals within the beauty and spa industry and those that want to start their own spa business. It is written by Yadah, who lets us know that she has international qualifications and years of practical industry experience. This blog is an excellent example of taking your professional experience and qualifications and translating them to a blog niche.

In complete contrast, Hair Care Square is written by 'hair care freak' Nimi. She writes about DIY hair care and her personal hair care triumphs (and disasters!) It is written in a lovely, chatty way and you feel like you're having a chat over coffee when you're reading it! This is a brilliant example of turning your own obsessions and personal experiences into a blog.

Mum Blogs

These next three blogs focus on advice for Mums. They all cover different topics across their blogs but Mums are the target audience. As a Mum, you don't only have to blog about parenting to be successful.

Practical, By Default is written by Jen, who is a homeschooling, working Mom. She writes practical blog posts for parent, about homeschooling, eating healthily, saving money and working outside the home. 

Twins Mommy is written by Elna, who is a Work at Home Mom to Twins. She is a freelance writer and has a separate website for her freelance writing services. Twins Mommy is about her journey from Mom to Mompreneur and she writes about being a Twin Mom, Blogging, Productivity and being a Mompreneur. I like how Elna has incorporated a business blog and a personal blog in one.

The Place for Busy Moms is written by Lauren. She is a young, Christian SAHM and she writes for other young, Christian Moms who are feeling overwhelmed with life. She covers Marriage, Kids, Recipes, Frugal Life and Home & Garden topics all written for her specific audience.

A Pet Lifestyle Blog

Yes, there is such a thing as a pet lifestyle Blog! Go and visit Dolly the Doxie to find out what one looks like. As a dog lover, I really like this blog. As well being ridiculously cute it's full of useful advice for dog owners on Urban Fitness (for dogs!), health & safety, pet trends and has regular giveaways. It's an inspired example of how something as 'ordinary' as rescuing a dog can be turned into a blog topic that will be enjoyed by a huge audience of dog lovers.

Living with diabetes

The Diabetic Journey is written by Brittany, a wife, Mom and Business Student with Type 1 Diabetes. Her blog is a brilliant mix of practical help for people living with, or newly diagnosed with, Type 1 Diabetes and her own personal experiences. This blog topic shows how you can turn something than can be very difficult into something positive to help other people.

A marriage blog

I'd heard of Wedding blogs but not a Marriage Blog until Tammy shared her link to Married and Naked. Tammy writes from her own personal experience of working at her own marriage to improve and strengthen it to help her readers do the same with theirs. Her blog categories include Happy Marriage Tips, Date Night and Communication and her Get Naked section is about Building Personal Confidence and Health and Fitness. This is another Blog niche that uses personal experience from a sometimes difficult time to help others in a similar situation. 

Celebrating the Military & First Responders

Leah blogs about being the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer at Love and Blues. She is actually in the process of shifting her niche from being about the daily life of a LEO's wife to ideas for showing appreciation to all First Responders and Military Personnel. It is obviously still relevant to the audience she has built up around her first niche but has a more specific focus. I included Love and Blues not only because it's a pretty specific niche topic, it also shows you can change your mind down the line!

Travel blogging

Ryan's blog, Blogging from Paradise is fairly self-explanatory from the name! Ryan lives the ultimate digital nomad life, making his living from blogging, and blogs (and sells books) about how you can do it too! He lives the dream that he is selling - you're not going to get better proof that what you're teaching gets results than that!

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