50 ways to increase your customers and subscribers (and keep them coming back for more)

 Find out 50 ways to increase your customers and subscribers, build brand loyalty and make people fall in love with your business. Get your free download and discover how to use freebies, discounts and bonuses to effectively grow your business.

Find out 50 ways to increase your customers and subscribers, build brand loyalty and make people fall in love with your business. Get your free download and discover how to use freebies, discounts and bonuses to effectively grow your business.

When used correctly, freebies, bonuses and customer discounts can bring huge rewards to your business.

Simply ‘having a sale’ and offering a discount on your regular products is fine but it can often be a road to being over-worked and under-paid. Regular, ‘money off’ sales can:  

  • Train people to wait for a sale before buying
  • Increase sales but reduce profit - meaning you’re doing more work for no more money
  • Make people think your usual prices are too high
  • Attract customers who have made their purchase decision based purely on price

Instead, use your freebies, discounts and bonuses as extras to your usual products or services. Use them to build brand loyalty and community and turn casual browsers into customers and customers into loyal fans!   

Give away freebies and discounts that are so spectacular people are wow’ed by your awesome-ness and are queuing up to buy your products because of the quality and value you provide.  

And - (because I want to wow you) - I have compiled a list of 50 ideas for freebies, bonuses and discounts that you can wow your customers with and that will also help you:

  • Get your site visitors / customers excited about a new product / service / business direction
  • Get customers coming back for more and love you so much they don’t look anywhere else
  • Increase your email list
  • Attract new customers
  • Show that you know what you’re talking about
  • And generally give people warm, fuzzy feelings about you and your brand  

And because my VIP Badass BusinessMum Club members are special to me, they get the really good extras. So if you want all 50 of those freebie, bonus and discount ideas, come join us. (Keep reading for a taster of 10 of them.)

How to use extras to help your business grow 

Get your target customers / website visitors excited about your extras and bonuses (and not just because they’re free!)  

Introduce new bonuses ahead of them being available, give away a free teaser or share a photo of what you’re working on. Market your freebies and extras to your target audience, so when you introduce them to your paid products they don’t run a mile because they only wanted free stuff and don’t care about your actual product! 

Make it obvious what you are giving away and why your people need it in their lives  

Don’t just say, “Hey, sign up for my emails and you’ll get cool free stuff!” Say what cool free extras your people will get and tell them why they need it. “Hey, sign up for a regular weekly email packed full of style advice and special discounts that will make you the best dressed hippy chick this side of 1969!” Far more fun, far more descriptive! 

Give away shit-hot stuff

I'm going to let you in on a secret – this course was originally going to be a paid product. I was going to launch the blog with this awesome course & workbook ready to go! And then I sat and thought hard about it. “Why are people going to buy this off of me when they don’t know the sort of content I create?” I couldn't launch a new business and expect people to just immediately start handing over their hard-earned money just on my say-so that my work is worth it! 

On to Plan B – get people to sign up to my newsletter for it! Well yes ok, less risk because it’ll be free. But I was still relying on you to give me your email address (which I really appreciate you doing, by the way) when you didn't know if I could really deliver. 

Eventually Plan C – Ta da! Give away freely available, awesome content on the blog and save the really special stuff for my lovely Badass BusinessMum Club members.  

The point of that little story? To demonstrate how giving away your best work shows your potential customers what you are capable of. Want a reputation for something specific – show people that’s what you do! And show them you are very very good at it! 

BUT – do it strategically! Don’t just give away awesome, random good stuff. Give away awesome, good stuff that serves a purpose for your business as well your customers. Make the free stuff an introduction to something paid, a taster of a paid product, an incentive to buy something more expensive than they were going to, a wonderful feel good ‘thing’ that makes them tell their friends about how cute and fluffy you are (or mean and moody if that’s the vibe you’re going for), something to encourage them to sign up for further updates so you can legitimately pop up on their radar every so often and remind them how amazing you are. 

Make it obvious how your people can get their hands on those awesome extras

Make your call to actions obvious. Tell your email subscribers when they’re going to their free course / workbook etc delivered, include instructions on how to redeem a discount code at the checkout of your online shop, set up your welcome email for your subscribers with a link to your opt-in freebie, make it obvious a free gift included in a package is free and not just junk or advertising, if you’re giving away content upgrades as part of a blog post, tell everybody about it when you share that post. 

And make sure your discount codes / links / free files etc actually work and have been uploaded correctly! A non-working freebie / discount / extra that isn't properly delivered is even more negative than not getting one in the first place.  

And now on to that list of 10 freebies, discounts and bonuses to over-wow your customers and make them love you forever

If you want the full list of 50 freebie, discount and bonus ideas - join us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club and it shall be yours!

Ideas for Freebies

Freebies can be used as incentives to encourage your website / shop visitors to sign up for your email list, as thank you gifts or simply as little extras to surprise your customers. 

1. Free shipping on orders over £x. Encourage your customers to buy ‘just one more thing’ so they get the free shipping.

2. Free gift wrapping. When advertising your free gift wrapping, describe the reasons gift wrapping will make life easier for your customers. You will save them time wrapping, it’s excellent for disorganised, last minute people (push this point as you get towards your cut-off for seasonal orders). Go one step further and offer to post it to their recipient with a personalised message on a card as well!

3. Free gift with orders. Free gifts can be surprises or advertised. Include a free gift to celebrate your business milestones – eg;“allorders placed on your ‘business’ birthday’ get a little extra”. Little gifts are a good way of keeping you at the forefront of customer’s minds. Make your gift something a customer can use, not just lose in a draw somewhere. (a fridge magnet, keyring, organiser stickers, a desktop background or downloadable calendar etc)  

4. Free sample of/from new product. Give away a whole product or just a taster (eg; if you sell e-books, give away a free chapter). Give away your freebie as an email subscription incentive, to customers who have previously bought something similar from you, to your current email subscribers, as a teaser in a webinar... the options are endless!  

5. Free email course. You can create a course on pretty much anything! A course is a great idea for bloggers, coaches and infopreneurs. Use it as an introduction to your services, go in-depth on your blog subject or offer one as an email list incentive.

6. Free printable(s). Once you've created your free printable, you can automate the sending of it so it’s an easy freebie. You can create a digital version of pretty much anything – art, calendars, organisers, workbooks, templates, patterns etc. You can give away printables as free gifts with orders, email sign up incentives, extras on blog posts, giveaway prizes, extras for email subscribers – there are many many different uses for them.

7. Free taster consult. If you are a coach or a freelancer giving away a short 15 - 20 minute introductory consult gives you a chance to wow potential customers with your knowledge and approach. It also gives you the opportunity to get a feel for whether potential new clients are a good fit for your brand.

8. Give away a new product to 1st 10/20/50 etc people that sign up. This approach gives you the chance to test your new product. You can get feedback from your initial ‘free’ customers to make sure it’s perfect when you launch the paid version, you can get a feel for how popular it’s going to be or you could even test different versions to see which one gets the most positive response.

9. Give away free advice (blog comments, emails, groups, ‘office hours’, social media) Be helpful when you get asked questions. Use the opportunity to find out what your target market’s real questions are and how you can help them find the answers. You don’t have to write a book in reply to every question – link to a relevant blog post you’ve already written – but by answering your visitor’s questions you are establishing yourself as knowledgeable and extra helpful in your niche as well being approachable. Which goes a long way when securing clients.

10. Free challenge. People love a challenge! A challenge creates a goal and then guides your audience to achieve that goal. There is an obvious benefit to participating right from the beginning. You can deliver your challenge via your blog or via email (I personally prefer email, because you don’t have to rely on your audience checking your blog – you are there reminding them of the day’s task when they check their emails!) Use a challenge as an email subscription incentive, a way to improve your reach and engagement on social media (by using a hashtag and/or encouraging challenge participants to share their results and progress), an introduction to a paid product or to test a product idea. 

 Join us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club and get your free download, '50 freebies, discounts and Bonuses to over-wow your customers and make them love you forever'.

Join us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club and get your free download, '50 freebies, discounts and Bonuses to over-wow your customers and make them love you forever'.

Time to Take Action! To get the other 40 Freebie, Bonus and Discount Ideas to wow your customers / readers and keep them coming back for more, simply join us at The Badass BusinessMum's Club. (The other perks of joining are the 69-page productivity workbook as a joining thank you, weekly bonus content delivered straight to your inbox and access to the private Facebook group)