4 Important Steps to Take Back Control of Your Business Today

 Are you feeling over-worked and over-whelmed but you're still under-achieving? Take back control of your business, de - stress and step off the trail of entrepreneurial self destruction with these 4 important tips

Are you feeling over-worked and over-whelmed but you're still under-achieving? Take back control of your business, de - stress and step off the trail of entrepreneurial self destruction with these 4 important tips

How many of your New Year's Business Goals have you achieved? Are you keeping on track with your plans or are you already behind?

That's the trouble with January goal creating and New Year's Resolutions. You're being encouraged from all angles to plan for the year ahead. To make This Year your year. The year you do all the things you've ever dreamed of doing and make 6-figures in the process.

And then Real Life happens - you get sick, you get behind. Your kids get sick, you get behind. A new Social Media platform is launched that is a 'must do'. That  blogger that's already made 6 figures since January hosts a webinar full of 'New Marketing Techniques' that are 'Proven to Work!!' Before you realise it, you're a quarter of the way through the year, your To Do list is getting longer and longer, and you feel like you're running round in circles, getting nothing finished.

STOP! Now is the time to stop, take a deep breath and Take Back Control of Your Business! Stop letting it control you.

You started your business to create the lifestyle you want. No, it's not all flexible hours, happily working away while your kids play quietly at your feet. But it shouldn't be making you miserable either!

This post is going to start you off with 4 Important Steps to stop you on the path of entrepreneurial self destruction and take back control of your business. (PS: If you keep reading there might be a checklist of 30 simple changes you can start making today to de-stress and run the business you want to)

Time to get started...

Ask yourself these 4 questions to plan your projects that suit you, your audience and your brand, create a schedule that you can maintain, get your admin organised so you don't spend half your life looking for that thing you 'put somewhere safe' and build your business in a way that fulfils you.

1. Can you really, actually, fit it all in to your life?

You've got it sussed - you'll write a daily to do list, you'll spend an hour a day writing blog posts, you'll actually fill out your accounts spreadsheet every month, you'll keep up with your launch schedule to get you that 5-figure launch you keep reading about. But will you really do all those things? Really?? Be truthful now...

Because you can write all the to do lists you want, plan to use all the 'productivity strategies' in the World but when it gets down to actually getting shit done - well, you just have to Do. The. Work! And that's the difficult bit. The getting away from the big dreams and epic plans and doing the little day-to-day bits. Especially when you're juggling your business and your family and some days you're getting nowhere fast.

Get real with your schedule, your editorial calendar, your notebooks full of ideas. Set your day-to-day goals small and achievable. Break big tasks into little ones to keep the momentum going. Tame your To Do List with the tips in this blog post.

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And that's another thing - you need to make a schedule that's sustainable. You might manage a week on only 3 hours sleep a night but, (unless you want to end up in hospital), you can't keep it up indefinitely.

Allow yourself to change your schedule. I know, it's easy to get over-excited and think you're some sort of super-blogger who can write, research, edit and create graphics for a 1500-word blog post in only 3 hours. Especially the New Year, New You version of you that made plans in January. But, now it's April and you're already behind in your editorial calendar - give yourself a break. Make the changes that mean you'll be able to blog consistently. For the Whole Year. When everyone else has collapsed from blogging burnout you'll still be going - fresh faced and full of beans. Thriving on your sensible, consistently achievable editorial calendar.

Big changes don't have to be made all at once. Download this list of 30 small changes you can start making today to de - stress and fall back in love with your business. (<< Click that link or the image below to join us in The Badass BusinessMum's Club and get your checklist (+ a whole load of other guides, worksheets and workbooks in the Badass Biz Lessons Archive)

2. Can you actually do it?

Do you have the know-how to do all that stuff on your list of epic things to do this year?

It's OK if you don't - I'm a firm believer in learning new stuff. But here's the thing - it takes time to learn new stuff and your first few attempts are likely to be a little bit... well... dodgy to say the least! So if you're offering a service for the first time, trying out a new strategy, learning some new software - be prepared for it to take longer for you to get results and to go through some trial and error at the beginning.

Increase your targets as you go through the year to give yourself time to get more experience and learn from that to improve how you run your business.

3. Are you really going to do that 'thing'?

You know The Thing. The Thing (that the experts tell you you 'need' to be doing), that you've 'been meaning to do' for months. You're going to start making video tutorials. Get on Periscope. Update your Instagram account so it's all white space and confetti. Write a book. Create digital downloads...

Now is the time to truthfully answer this question. Will you really? Or will you continue making excuses to get you out of doing it?

Now I'm not nagging you. If you don't wanna do something... don't do it. Especially if it's not a good fit with you or your brand, or its on your to do list because it's 'the thing to be doing'.

But if you're not going to do it - cross it off the to do list. Stop kidding yourself you'll 'get round to it'. You don't want sh*t just staying on that list. For. Ever!

Why do you not want to do The Thing? And what can you do instead to set yourself apart from the people that are doing it? What puts you off? Might it be putting other people off? Are there really other people like you (ahem, me!) that actually prefer to read something than watch a video? So... take that thought and go one step further with it...

Don't want to do video tutorials? Ok, but make your written tutorials extra special. Extra detail. Extra quirky. Extra extras!

Make your Instagram account a true tale of the real warts and all juggle of family and business. Invite your audience into the nitty gritty 'behind the scenes'!

Want to stay Old Skool and send real life art prints (for example) not digital ones? Cool - wow your customers with Old Skool. Make them excited to get a real life package through the post!

Whatever you do - my point is; only do the projects that you truly believe in. And do them your own way. Make other people's wrong way your right way.

4. Are you ready for the big time?

The success of your business depends on the happiness of your customers, whether they are your freelance clients, buyers in your online shop, brands you do sponsored posts for or students on your e-course.

It's not only finding your customers you need to plan for. You need to know how to fulfil (and preferably exceed) their expectations of you, encourage them to come back for more and sort out any queries or issues that they may have. Get more productive with these tips for Beating the Biggest Productivity Killers for WAHMs.

There's no point implementing an awesome strategy to get your first 1000 email subscribers if you haven't planned the awesome valuable content you're going to send them.

There's no point setting up ads and getting hundreds of new social media followers if you don't find the time to engage with them regularly and actually build meaningful relationships.

There's no point winning several new clients if your schedule then becomes so crammed you're not creating your best work for them.

Are you ready for your business to grow? Do you have the systems in place to deal with extra work? Just like you need to be able to sustain your blogging editorial calendar for the Whole Year, you need to be able to sustain all the extra work coming your way!

Time for you to Take Action! Take back control of your business, de-stress and start loving what you do again. Download your checklist of 30 simple changes you can make to fall back in love with your Business today. (And, yes, there's 30 because if you do just one a day, for just a month - they will all add up to a big positive change in your business attitude)