The Secret to Starting a Successful, Money-Making Blog

 Find out the secret of starting a Successful, Money-Making Blog

Find out the secret of starting a Successful, Money-Making Blog

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite subjects; Planning! More specifically, blog planning. And even more specifically, 'The Blog Clarity Course'. Which is a pretty epic self paced e-study workbook. It's the workbook I wish I had when I started the (now abandoned) 'prequel' blog to this one! 

Why you should plan your Blog

I know what you're thinking - why do I need to do all this blog planning? Can't I just dive right on in and, you know, build it!? 

Short answer - well you can if you want because, well, it's your blog! But getting a bit organised first is going to benefit you in the long run. Which brings me to...

The Long(er) answer....

8 Reasons planning your Blog will get you Results!

  • You won't take forever getting it started. When you come to actually create your blog you'll know what you want it to look like, what you want it to do and how you want it to do it.

  • You won't want to change everything 2 months down the line. Like I did! I thought I could wing it. I thought I could 'just start' and my audience would just magically appear, and my brand would magically develop. They didn't and it didn't. So I went back to the drawing board and basically started again!

  • You'll have a clear vision of what you're working towards. You will know what your end result looks like and will be able to ignore all the nonsense that isn't going to get you closer to that end result.

  • You're more likely to keep at it when the excitement wears off because you understand your motivations. You'll know why you chose this route, what you're going to gain from your blog succeeding and also what you're going to be able to cast off and leave behind. 

  • You'll be able to plan your content, products and marketing strategies to appeal to your ideal audience. Your audience is crucial. If you know who your audience is, what they need and how to relate to them, you're on to a winner. 

  • You'll know which opportunities you're presented with are going to help you progress. As other bloggers get to know you, you'll be contacted about a variety of collaborations from a variety of different brands. If you have a clear brand message and a clear plan of how you want to present that message, it will be easier to see which of these opportunities will fit with your brand and help you present your message.

  • You'll know which 'opportunities' to avoid! You'll know which ones don't fit with your brand as well! No confusing mixed messages coming from you!

  • You'll create a blog that is authentic to you and your goals, making you confident, consistent and genuine in your message. Which your readers will lurve! People buy from small online businesses that they make a connection with. The easiest way to make genuine connections is to be genuinely you, not what you think you should be, or what 'the experts' have told you to be.

 You like the sound of that don't you? Sounds like far more fun than starting a blog, taking 2 months to refine it, deciding you don't really think your subject / look / products are right for you and you don't know what your audience want (or even who they are really), going back to the planning stages you should have done the first time round and spending another 6 months to develop a brand and blog that you actually love.

Wanna know how I know that's not fun - because I did it!

I wrote The Blog Clarity Course so it doesn’t take you months to see the results from all of your hard work, months of re-doing everything you’ve already done, months of feeling stuck on your Vision for your Blog and months until you start making money!

It is available for immediate download Now! (And it won't be available after February 28th!) If you're a member of The Badass BusinessMum's Club you get it for only £5.00 (approx. $7.25) which is a rather cool 50% off. 

 Pre-order your copy of The Super Practical Step-by-Step e-Guide to Planning Your New Blog today to get an introductory 50% off!

Pre-order your copy of The Super Practical Step-by-Step e-Guide to Planning Your New Blog today to get an introductory 50% off!

The Blog Clarity Course

It's for you:

  • If you feel like every time you find the answer to something you end up with more questions

  • If you've read so much expert blogging information you don't know where to start

  • If you're fed up with Googling, trawling Pinterest and searching Facebook groups for answers

  • If you've been wishing someone would just create a step-by-step guide with the absolute essential steps you need to take to go from Blog Idea to Blog Ready to Build.

  • If you're a bit of a control freak perfectionist (hey, welcome to the club!) and like to have everything 'just so' before you start!  

What you won't get:

  • Me telling you what to think and what to do and what should be important to you 

  • A 'magic formula' to a '6-figure' blog

What you do get:

  • 10 Activities

  • 3 Checklists

  • A Bonus section on naming your blog

  • Practical, down-to-earth, straight talking information with questions & printable worksheets to make you think about what's really important to you and how you want your blog and brand to communicate with your audience.

  • Some more practical, down-to-earth, straight talking information and worksheets to help you set goals and create a productive plan of action to turn your vision into a blog that looks brilliant, has clear purpose and direction and the potential to become successful. 

Everything that's covered

Part One: Build your Foundation

  • Step 1: Define your Why

  • Step 2: Choose your Niche

  • Step 3: Create your Ideal Audience Profile

  • Step 4: Define your Message

  • Step 5: Create your Brand Identity

  • BONUS: Name your Blog (something that you won’t regret!)

Part Two: Make your Blog your Business

  • Step 6: Own your Super-power

  • Step 7: Know your Skills

  • Step 8: Decide on your Revenue Streams

Part Three: Create your Blog Success Strategy

  • Step 9: Declare your Version of Success

  • Step 10: Plan your Blog Success Strategy


  • Your ‘Basic Blog Start-up Essentials’ checklist

  • Your ‘Practical Steps to Starting a Blog’ checklist

  • Your ‘Step by Step Guide to Creating Brilliant Blog Posts’ checklist

Still undecided? Test out The Blog Clarity Course (totally free, not even an email address required)

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