How to Discover the Best Way to Market your Business on Pinterest. Whatever your Niche or Industry!

 Find out the Best Way to Market your Business on Pinterest, whatever your niche or Industry by carrying out Pinterest Influencer Market Research

Find out the Best Way to Market your Business on Pinterest, whatever your niche or Industry by carrying out Pinterest Influencer Market Research

In my last post about Pinterest I told you all about how to plan your Pinterest account to attract your Target Audience and continue your Branding from your Website & other Social channels. But what if your Blog is brand new? If you don't have an audience yet? If your Brand is still evolving? If your niche isn't a traditional 'Pinterest friendly' one? If your Blog isn't about Blogging or Business? Then what? 

This post is for you if you have no idea at all how you could use Pinterest for your Business.

When I work on clients' Pinterest Accounts, it's quite regularly for a niche I know next to nothing about! I don't know how to best market every single type of Business on Pinterest. But I do know how to find out! My first step is Research. The first thing I do when working on Clients' Pinterest Account Set-ups is to look at Influencers in their niche. I will ask my clients who they are inspired by and start from there. 

In this post I'll tell you how you can discover the Best way to market your Business on Pinterest. Whatever your niche or Industry! 

The Very First Step

Start by following people!

Follow the people you follow on other social channels, the people who's emails you love getting in your inbox, the 'big' names in your niche and the popular Brands in your Industry. Not everyone you follow has to be in your Niche. In fact, sometimes it's better to take inspiration from other niches, so you concentrate more on how they're using their Account than being tempted to just copy what they're doing!

However, a quick word of warning; not everybody does Pinterest, and not everybody does Pinterest well! So just because a Blogger is really popular, it doesn't necessarily mean than they're Pinterest Rockstars!

how do you know if an account is a good example?

Is all the Account Information Filled Out? An account that hasn't been fully filled out is a sure sign of a user that isn't making the most of Pinterest!

Is the account personal or business oriented? If your aim for your Pinterest account is to get Traffic and grow your Business, you are going to get the most useful information from accounts that are mainly Business Oriented. If your favourite Business Owner has tens of thousands of followers, but most of their boards are unrelated to their Business, it's likely that most of their followers aren't following them because of their Business.

How active is the Account? You can tell when a User last pinned to their Account by looking at their latest Pin (just click on the 'pins' link under their Profile Info, where it will tell you at the bottom the board it was pinned to, and when it was pinned. Pinterest likes active accounts. Even though I do get traffic & re-pins from pins that are months old, I get a lot more engagement when I pin every day!

Pinterest Influencer Research

When you've found some Excellent Examples to follow, here's my list of the things to look at to get ideas of how to set up your own account. 

Pinterest Business Name

What keywords are they using in their Pinterest Business Name? How do these words relate to their actual Business Name?

Bio Information

What tone is their Bio written in? Is it formal? Is it fun? How does the way they've written their Pinterest Bio mesh with your feelings about their Brand & Business? What keywords have they used?

Profile Photo

Is the photo of them? Or their Logo? or a Product?

Board Topics

What Boards do they have on their Account? How have they chosen to share Information / Blog posts / Products from their own Business? What Board topics do they have? And how do these topics relate to what their actual Business is?

Which Group Boards do they contribute to? This is my absolute favourite way of finding new Group Boards. Pick the ones that are most relevant to your Business niche and request invites to join.

What words do they use in their Board Titles and Descriptions?

Pin Content

What do they Pin? Is it mostly How To's, Tips & Tutorials? Is it Products? Is it Inspiration? Look at the way they design their own Pins? Do they get lots of re-pins on their own Content? Which Pins seem to be most popular in your niche?

Who are they Following?

This is another one of my top tips. An active Pinterest user needs to be pinning lots of content! The quickest way to pin lots of quality content is to get it arrive in your Smart Feed. And to do that you have to follow high quality Pinners, that save High quality, on topic content. So, have a nose at who the influencers in your Industry are following. This will give you more ideas of what a popular Pinterest account looks like. 

How to use Pinterest Influencer Research to Improve your Pinterest Account

So know you've done your Pinterest account research, your next step is to make use of it without blindly copying. Because that's not going to do you any favours at all!

While you're compiling your research, make notes on what you do like and what you don't like. Which accounts were especially good at injecting their Brand personality? What did they do that made them good at it? And which accounts didn't you like? Why didn't you like them? Think about the impression you want your Pinterest Account to make, and how you can add your Brand and your personality to your Boards & Pins.

Time to Take Action! Head on over to Pinterest & start searching for your favourite Bloggers & Business Owners. Download your Pinterest Influencer Research worksheet and find out how you can use Pinterest to your advantage!

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