10 Questions to help you discover what sort of Business Mum you really are

 Discover what sort of Business Mum you really are (or are going to be!) with this fun personality quiz and find out your business strengths and weaknesses and how to build on that knowledge

Discover what sort of Business Mum you really are (or are going to be!) with this fun personality quiz and find out your business strengths and weaknesses and how to build on that knowledge

Today I present to you an entirely unscientific, but fun, quiz to find out what sort of badass business Mum you really are (based on personal observations and a geeky interest in personality types!) and what strengths you will bring to your business.

Just read the questions and pick the answer that most matches you and I'll tell you what it all means at the end!

1. You wake up in the middle of the night with an epic idea for a blog post / new product / video series / insert epic idea relevant to your business. Do you

a) Spend half an hour trying to find a pen to write it down in one of the three notepads by the side of your bed, give up when you can't find one and go back to sleep and hope you remember it in the morning

b) Put a note in Evernote on your phone so you don't forget to look at it in more detail in the morning

c) Leap out of bed and head for your office, spend 3 hours working on your epic idea heading back to bed just as your baby wakes up

d) Sneak out of bed and spend an hour on your phone on Pinterest researching the best way to do implement your awesome idea and end up thinking that everyone else has already done it better

2. Your Mum / sister / hubby / next door neighbour etc surprises you by offering to take your children for the afternoon. What do you do?

a) Spend an hour watching TV that isn't Cbeebies, another hour on Facebook 'networking' before remembering you haven't written tomorrow's blog post yet

b) Check your to do list and use the extra time to finish all of today's jobs early. Celebrate by writing a new one for tomorrow

c) Wow, a whole afternoon!! That gives you the perfect opportunity to finish  that new product you started working on at 2am this morning!!

d) You decide first you need to write a to do list and get organised. You then spend 2 hours researching how to effectively organise your time.

3. You're in the middle of your child free work time when a friend texts to see if you want to go out for lunch. Do you

a) Oh yes lunch! You're on your way!

b) Your phone is on silent to remove distractions while you work so you miss the text.

c) You tell your friend to bring lunch to yours and you get her to help you out with your project while you eat.

d) You text back sorry you can't because you're working and then spend the rest of the day feeling guilty.

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4. You've got a new Etsy order / sponsored blog post / client project / etc due to be finished in a weeks time. Do you

a) Leave it a couple of days then realise you've got to order supplies / do some research / find out more information and end up having to put in some really late nights to get finished in time.

b) Plan it into your schedule and finish it a day early

c) Get started now and stay up until 3am working on it because you're enjoying it so much

d) Nearly finish it before you decide it's not quite right, then start all over again the day before the deadline to make sure you get it perfect

5. You are asked for a price for a custom order by a friend of a friend you get chatting to. Do you

a) Pluck a figure out of thin air and ask what she thinks.

b) Tell her you'll have to get back to her when you've worked it out after factoring in your time, overheads and profit margins

c) Guess how long it might take and cost you to make, add a bit on and give her that price.

d) Work out a price based on time, costs and profit, think it sounds too expensive so tell her it's half what you worked out.

6. You are buying a new camera so you can take better product and blog photographs. Do you

a) Ask for advice from your friends and then buy what the majority suggest.

b) Ask for advice from fellow bloggers and shop owners then check reviews online before searching for the best deal to buy your new camera.

c) You not only buy a fab new camera, you are now the proud owner of a new tripod, extra lens and studio lighting kit.

d) You spend several weeks researching cameras and what features you need then read reviews and asking advice before actually buying your camera.

7. You have an afternoon of work planned while your husband watches the children. He announces at lunch time that something's come up and he's got to go out. How do you react?

a) Shrug your shoulders and let him get on with it. Maybe the children will behave for a bit and you'll squeeze some work in anyway.

b) You say ok but negotiate for extra hours for work tomorrow instead.

c) You change your plans for the afternoon and get the kids involved making hand painted butterfly paintings.

d) You feel cheated out of your work time but know that's sometimes just the way it is when you're a work at home Mum.

8. You've just received an order but you've got to post it which you've never done before. Do you

a) Wrap it in tissue paper and put it in an envelope.

b) Ask your customer if they'd like it gift wrapped for a small extra fee. When they say yes you put it in a small box and tie a business card and thank you note to the box with a ribbon.

c) You order a whole load of pretty boxes so you can choose the nicest, tie a ribbon round it and decide as of now everything is going to boxed.

d) You search for the perfect sized box, purchase some hand drawn custom business labels and make and write a thank you card.

9. You decide today is the day to start your Facebook business page. How do you set it up

a) You set up your page, add a profile and cover photo, fill out some of the about information and add a few photos. Then share it to your personal profile and hope some people will like it.

b) You fill out all the information, create albums for your products and photographs and schedule your posts for the week before heading off to plan the following week's posts.

c) You set up your page, add lots of photos, invite everyone on your friends list to like it and then join every networking page you can find.

d) You meticulously fill out all the about information, add your cover and profile pictures, organise your images into albums and make sure each one has a detailed description. You then get on Pinterest to find out the 'best way' to run a Facebook page.

10. It's your birthday. What are you hoping for?

a) You don't mind really, as log as you get a nice chilled out day

b) You don't like surprises so you've written your gift list and know exactly at you're getting from everybody and planned your own meal out

c) Hopefully a big surprise party with good food, good drink and all your family and friends

d) A quiet day with close family and for someone else to cook for you


You know what to do now - add up how many a's, b's, c's and d's you got and read on to find out your Badass BusinessMum type. There's no right or wrong (and you may be a mixture of different types), it's simply a starting point for understanding the skills you need to work on and the things you excel in.

If you got mostly a's

You are one chilled out business Mum! You have a great work life balance and don't let your business stress you out. You get stuff done but you don't mind if it takes a while. To really move forward with your business you could do with getting some systems in place to manage your time better then you could get twice as much done without having to spend any more time doing it!

If you got mostly b's

You are the super organised business Mum and a master of time management and planning. You take your work seriously and make sure everyone around you does too. You don't need to have everything planned all the time though. You need to take risks and be spontaneous sometimes to allow the real creative breakthroughs to happen. Don't forget to have some free time just for thinking and letting ideas flow.

If you got mostly c's

You are the go-getting business Mum. You are spontaneous and excitable and your enthusiasm is infectious. If stuff needs to get done you just get on and do it! Even if it means skipping sleep! You are very focused when you have a specific goal in mind. Sometimes though you can miss things out because of lack of planning and the focus on one thing means the more boring jobs get pushed aside. You need to make sure your workload is sustainable though because you risk burnout if you're consistently working at 110%. Try creating a schedule so the everyday routine jobs get done or hire some help to do them so you can focus on the creative work that you excel at.

If you got mostly d's

You are the Perfectionist business Mum. Everything you create is of the highest quality and you wouldn't dream of putting your name to anything that you think is less than perfect. You are a researcher and a planner and this combined with your extremely high standards for yourself mean that you aren't as productive as you could be. Sometimes you need to be happy with 'done' instead of 'perfect' or your business will struggle to be profitable. You are very good at what you do and need to overcome your self doubt to put yourself out there in your own way, instead of looking for other people's 'best way'.

As fun as that quiz was, it should have given you an idea of where your strengths are and what skills you're going to need to work on to up your business game.

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