70% Off Blog Hosting at Siteground; Labor Day Sale!

How to get 70% off Blog Hosting with SiteGround

How to get 70% off Blog Hosting with SiteGround

If you've been waiting to start your Blog, today is a good time to finally take the plunge!

Why? Because my favourite host, SiteGround is having a rather huge sale! They're giving you up to 70% off their hosting plans in their Back to Biz Sale!

(PS: This post contains affiliate links. This means I get a commission when you sign up to SiteGround using one of my referral links, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend them because I do actually use them and I'm genuinely impressed with their product and service.)

Your choice of Blog host matters.. 

Your hosting is your blog's home on the Internet. It is where your blog and all the files (like all your posts and photographs) associated with it are stored. 

If your host has a problem, your Blog is offline! So finding a reliable, helpful and safe host for your Blog should definitely be a priority.

Here's 6 considerations to help you make the right decision, and why I recommend SiteGround...

They keep your Blog safe

The worry about security was one of the things that put me off starting my Blog on WordPress when I created this one (I have since set up a Blog on WordPress and it is hosted by SiteGround) There are so many scary stories about blogs getting hacked and keeping everything secure and backed up and updated all sounded really time consuming! But in real life it's actually not! 

Siteground have a unique Account Isolation feature that means even if there is another vulnerable account on the same server as your Blog, your's won't be affected, Free Backups are done daily (even on the cheapest hosting package), you can choose to have WordPress Automatic updates at no extra cost and they have a proven record of patching vulnerabilities faster than other top hosts.

Which, in plain English, means I don't actually have to do anything, apart from update plugins and my theme, to make sure my Blog is kept safe and updated!

They'll make sure your Blog is Super-Speedy

Readers like fast Blogs, Google likes fast Blogs. Find a host that values speed and has technology in place to increase your Blog load times and you will have happy readers.

SiteGround have implemented cutting edge speed technology. From faster hardware, innovative network architecture to new software solutions. If there is something that can make your website faster, SiteGround like to be among the first to implement it!

They have Excellent Customer Service

Oh support is so important when you're Brand new to something! When you're choosing your host, have a look to see if they offer 24/7 support, if it's available via phone as well as email or chat and how much support they actually offer. (Some hosts will only offer hosting help, and aren't so helpful with specific WordPress issues)

SiteGround have 24/7 Customer Support via telephone, live chat and email.

And I can personally recommend their support! They responded super quick to my support tickets (within 5-10 minutes), and after I explained my problem, they didn't just just tell me how to fix it, they went ahead and fixed it for me. And if you as them nicely, they'll even set up your WordPress Blog for you. For free!

They have 99.99% Uptime

The last thing you want when you're growing your Blog is for it to go down. All that effort getting traffic and Subscribers and writing posts, just for your site not to be available. 

SiteGround's average Uptime is 99.99% (which means your Blog will be online 99.99% of the time!) In actual time, this equates to only 5 minutes of downtime per Year!  

It's easy to get started with SiteGround

Find a host that is new-blogger-friendly. Hosting companies know that anything that speeds up the Blog set-up process or makes it easier for non tech-savvy newbies will be gratefully received.

SiteGround has WordPress specific hosting, 1-click installation and will even transfer an existing WordPress site for free!

This Blog post is a Super-Simple step-by-step Guide on Starting a self-hosted WordPress Blog for Newbies.

Siteground hosting starts at only $2.95/£2.05 per month

But only until 11th September when the 70% off Labor Day Sale ends.