9 Things that will Surprise you about Starting A Blog

9 Bloggers share their stories about the surprising pros and cons when starting a blog. The first post in the Essential Introductory Guide to Starting a Blog

9 Bloggers share their stories about the surprising pros and cons when starting a blog. The first post in the Essential Introductory Guide to Starting a Blog

One of the most common questions I see in the various Blogging communities I'm a member of is, "help, there's so much information, where do I start?"

Today I was going to write about the pros and cons of blogging and what to expect. But one of the important things to remember about Starting a Blog is it is Your Personal Journey. There is no right way (hence the information overload!) So, instead, I asked some of my blogging friends in The Badass BusinessMum Club and some inspirational Bloggers, who I personally look to for awesome advice, for their opinions.

I asked 9 amazing people what they found most surprising when they started their blog. And just to prove my point about how personal this journey is - I got 9 different answers! 

Carry on reading to see what they said (and don't forget to have a nosey at their blogs too!)

1. Marianne from Design your Own Blog says...

"What I found most surprising about starting a blog was the response I got from sharing useful stuff on social media way before launching my blog. As I was designing and setting up my new blog, I was already sharing a lot of free resources on social media related to blogging and design on a budget. My social media accounts were linked to a Coming Soon page with an opt-in form."

"Sharing all this content helped me to understand what my audience was and wasn't interested in which prompted what to create for my launch content. By the time I was ready to launch my blog, I had over 60 subscribers and it just continued to grow from there!"

Visit Marianne at www.DesignYourOwnBlog.com

2. Elna from Twins Mommy says...

"For me, the most surprising thing is how long it takes a blog post to go from conception to publication. Before I started my first blog, I just thought I could write a little post and publish it."

"I had no idea I needed screenshots and an image, and then I needed text on the image, and then I needed to properly format the blog post, and then make sure it doesn't sound like a diary and actually helps people, and then… So overall, it's a long process, but I have four blogs now and I've learned some shortcuts and streamlined my processes so it isn't so bad now! As for a pro, that's easy – the opportunity to meet so many other wonderful bloggers and amazing mompreneurs"

Visit Elna at www.twinsmommy.com 

3. Suzi from Start a Mom Blog says..

"What did I find most surprising about starting a blog? Oh the list is too long, but here are my top 3 super honest pros and cons."

"Pro #1: I was surprised by how much my engineering degree could translate into blogging!"

"Pro #2: I realized how much I LOVE creating something that is truly mine. And something that I have complete control over. I am my own boss!"

"Pro #3: The potential for growth with blogging is extremely exciting. Seeing other bloggers making thousands of dollars a month after a year of blogging gets make me so excited."

"Con #1: It's a bit addicting. I stay up sometimes until 3:00 am working on a blog post, not because I have to, but because I want to."

"Con #2: My real friends don't really know what I do. They are all surprised that I'm already making money off my blog."

"Con #3: I can't stick to one Pinterest template. There are so many beautiful ideas out there that I keep changing my images - I'll try harder to stick to one template!"

"Blogging is super fun and you can invest as much or as little time as you want to as a mom."

Visit Suzi at www.startamomblog.com

4. Meredith from The Palette Muse says...

"The thing that surprised me the most when I started blogging was how many options there are for getting your blog out there, and how little information there is on starting a blog well. I mean, there is plenty of information all over the place online, but I had a hard time finding "the right way" to do everything. (Can you tell I like structure?)"

"Blogging is changing so fast that for a newbie, all the information was overwhelming. And for someone who did well in school and thrived in the classroom structure, I was really wishing there was more of a "formal education" on how to blog. I suppose this is exactly the thing that makes it attractive to more entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinkers, but for me it was a constant source of frustration for the first couple of years."

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5. Gina from California Scrappin' says...

"The thing that surprised me most about blogging was how easy it was once I actually got started! I love writing about creativity and my hobby of scrapbooking, so the ideas flow pretty well. Being passionate about what you blog about helps immensely and easily connects my readers to my topics - no matter how short or how long my posts are in a given week."

Visit Gina at www.californiascrappin.com

6. Nohea from Mommyhood ABCs says...

Unexpected Pro: "Not sure it was totally unexpected, but I am glad to find the amazing women I am finding through blogging. I am able to connect with so many mommy blogger out there willing to help, support and cheer you on. It is really refreshing!" 

Unexpected Con: "The time. Balancing between working on my blog and then doing everything else. It's almost like I am addicted to it. Haha. Which, I guess is a good thing right now. I am sure that feeling will die down. However, I want to work on my blog all the time. I have to remember I have a life, other things to do, oh and did I mention, I have mom duties as well. haha :-)"

Visit Nohea at www.MommyhoodABCs.com

7. Beth Anne from Brilliant Business Moms says...

"What I found most surprising is how difficult it is to get traffic early on. Don't get discouraged. Everyone starts from scratch. Just be proud of your blog, your message, and continue to spread the word to everyone you can. Eventually, you'll have loyal readers who spread the word for you, and things start to snowball. But the first year of blogging was rough in terms of traffic!"

Visit Beth Anne (and listen to the podcasts!) at www.brilliantbusinessmoms.com

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8. Cindy from Four Acres Mercantile says...

"My most surprised thing I found about blogging -- is you have to know about marketing.  You see I used to build websites in the 1990s and basically it was you build it, & they will come.  Not so now -- I am over a year into blogging & still trying.  I have a lot of traffic on Pinterest but I am trying to get that to convert to visits to my site & sales."

Visit Cindy at www.fouracresmercantile.com

9. Olivia from Olivia Derby says...

"When I started blogging I expected some degree of freedom and passion. That is after all, why I made the leap in the first place. What surprised me though is the incredible compassion and the strength of the community of women who are blogging for the same reasons. It was really moving to start talking to other ladies who have turned blogging into a business and totally reshaped their lives because of it." 

"I've made new friends since the moment I started this journey and continue to build new relationships everyday. There is a lot of support to be given and to receive. There is a lot to be taught and learned. There is a lot of inspiration to be shared." 

"After having worked in social media advertising for almost 10 years, I went into this expecting that I wouldn't be surprised by much. I was expecting the work load, I was expecting the demands on creativity and the pressure to be organized and balanced. I was not expecting the genuine and far reaching support of other women working on the same journey." 

Visit Olivia at www.OliviaDerby.com

As I read through the answers as I got them emailed back I agreed with every single one. So many wonderful surprises, so many surprises at the amount of work involved.

My own biggest surprise on this crazy Blogging Journey is the same as Olivia's. I am constantly amazed at the amount of information, help and time other bloggers and business owners are willing to give in their blog posts, Facebook groups, webinars, and in posts like this, to help each other grow and improve. 

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