Everyone's Flogging 'Premium' Courses. Here's Why I'm Choosing Skillshare.

 Find out how to get Blogging and Business Courses without Breaking the Bank! Here's why I'm choosing Skillshare, while when everyone else is flogging 'Premium' Blogging Courses.

Find out how to get Blogging and Business Courses without Breaking the Bank! Here's why I'm choosing Skillshare, while when everyone else is flogging 'Premium' Blogging Courses.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains referral links for Skillshare. I recommend Skillshare because I think it's bloody brilliant. An added bonus is I get a commission if you use my link to sign up for a Premium Membership.

I’m annoyed.

(I seem to be annoyed a lot at the moment. I think it might be the weather, with Winter coming and all.) But the annoyance I’m talking about today isn’t seasonal, I’ve been annoyed about it for a long time.

I’m annoyed with Business & Blogging courses 

Which is weird because I am one of the most enthusiastic lifelong learners you’ll ever meet.

It took me quite a while to pinpoint exactly what about e-courses irritates me so much but it dawned on me when someone asked in a FB group, “if you had $500 spare for your business, what would you spend it on?”

I knew for sure what I wouldn’t spend it on. Courses. A course teaches you to do something. You spend time working through the course material, learn all the stuff and then when it’s finished, you’ve got something else you need to do!

Now, if you’re spending several hundred dollars on a course that is teaching you a skill you can charge other people for, then yes. That’s worth the investment. But several hundred dollars on a course to teach you something else to add to your to do list? That seems a bit silly to me. Why not spend your several hundred dollars getting someone else to do it, while you work on the stuff you’re already shit hot at?

Here’s a real life example using actual prices taken from actual websites; I could spend $400 on a Pinterest course. Or I could spend $400 for someone to do a Pinterest makeover for me.

It’s not the courses themselves that are annoying me. Or even the increasingly high price tags I'm seeing. What’s really annoying me is high priced courses being touted as solutions to anything & everything.

I’m not saying don’t learn new stuff. Like I said, I’m an enthusiastic learner. I’m saying spend time. Or spend money. Not both.

Which is why I’m a huge fan of subscription and membership sites. And why I want to introduce you to Skillshare!

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is heaven for independent learners! I've been a member for a couple of months and I love it, which is why I'm getting all excited telling you about it (and why I've just published my first course on the platform!)

On a less excitable note; it's a membership learning site, with over 11,000 classes for you to enrol in, varying from crafts and cooking to Blogging and marketing. It's a learning community for everybody!

Why I think Skillshare is the best thing since sliced bread

I love it because it's accessible for Mom bosses like us.

I don't know about you but I'm fed up with all this 'if you're committed to your business you can afford it' talk (normally coming from people trying to sell you their 'high value' courses!)

I don't have hundreds of dollars spare and I know you don't either! I don't have hours to waste sitting through free webinars waiting for the good stuff either. I'm guessing you're with me on that too!

Skillshare is great value for money and the classes are short (they vary from 15 minutes to 6+ hours but most of the ones I've taken are 1- 1.5 hours long) and the classes are broken down into short 5-10 minute lessons. And because Skillshare places emphasis on bite sized classes, most teachers avoid the fluff and keep to the point!

You'll have something to show at the end of your class. All Skillshare classes have an associated student project. Projects are the perfect way to practice your newly learned skills and they're entirely optional.

And finally, with names like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Peg Fitzpatrick and the original Boss Mom, Dana Malstaff, publishing Skillshare courses, you can be sure of really high quality info!

How much does Skillshare cost?

There are two levels of Membership; Free and Premium.

Free membership gives you access to the library of free classes.

The premium membership costs $12 / month or $96 annually and gets you:

  • Unlimited access to the whole library of over 11,000 classes
  • Offline access so you can learn on the go
  • 'Perks' when you sign up for an annual membership (like money off Adobe subscriptions, Creative Market & Squarespace!)
  • The chance to try out 1 month's membership for only $0.99 with this link! (< that's my affiliate link by the way)

How to choose the right courses for you

Skillshare rank classes on a number of factors, including enrolments, student rating and engagement (which it measures by the number of discussions & student projects in a class)

My top tips for making sure you enrol in classes that'll get you results:

  • Read the class & project descriptions
  • Look at the submitted student projects & get an idea of what is being taught.
  • Watch the trailer / intro video & see if you like the teacher's style
  • Check out the teachers' website & social media (info normally in their profile) if you want to know more about them.
  • Enroll in the class and watch a couple of videos! If you like them; great! If you don't you've only spent 10 minutes finding out and you can just move on to try another one without spending any more dollars!

Go for it! Sign up for 1 month's Premium Membership for $0.99 and learn some valuable skills without breaking the bank!