Moms Making Money: Everything you Wanted to Know about Hiring a VA

 Everything you ever wanted to know about Hiring a Virtual Assistant, written by Virtual Assistant, Zita Lewis. Part of the Moms Making Money Series

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hiring a Virtual Assistant, written by Virtual Assistant, Zita Lewis. Part of the Moms Making Money Series

Today I am pleased to introduce you to one of our amazing Badass BusinessMum Community members, Zita Lewis. Zita is a real-life Money-Making Mompreneur who works as a VA. In this post, she shares her story of how she became a VA and how hiring a VA can help you grow the Business of YOUR dreams...

When Laura asked me to write a guest blog, I was honoured and proud to be able to share my story as a VA. Working for myself, from my home, around my children and working with some of the most passionate business owners I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

Let’s go back to basics, just what is a VA?

A VA is otherwise known as a Virtual Assistant, a Digital Personal Assistant if you like. Anything and everything you would expect a Secretary, Receptionist, Office Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager and Personal Shopper would do daily, I do too! The only downfall is, I can’t make you that cup of coffee, sorry.

I have supported numerous different business owners at different stages of their journey and I can honestly say, it has been eye opening, informative and exhilarating at times. I have supported businesses when they first begin to start up, helped businesses who are still trying to grow and supported businesses who have been in business longer than we have both been born!

I love the variety of styles that each business owner has. I love seeing their passion for their business and their excitement grow when they can see exactly what it is that we can achieve together.

So why would you hire a VA when you can do it all yourself?

Let’s just look back at that question, ‘do it ALL YOURSELF’. Would you really want to have to do it all, on your own? Even those mundane tasks that week in and week out, get put on the to do list, yet always seem to drop off the end, or put on the ‘Must do next week’ list?

You are the business owner, this is your baby, the passion you have for it can’t be replicated, so why not direct that passion to the parts of the business that you enjoy most.

This could be the researching of new suppliers, running courses, creating blogs, or even writing wills.

But what about all the mundane tasks that still need to be done?

That’s easy! You outsource it! Find someone who is passionate about the mundane tasks, who will put all their passion into your tasks for you, leaving you more passion and time to focus on the more exciting parts of your business!

Why would you outsource and not employ?

There are several different factors to this, all of them ending in budget. When outsourcing to a VA, you have no tax, national insurance, sick or holiday pay and no pension contributions to worry about. You don’t have to worry about keeping them busy on a Friday afternoon and you can request their support when YOU need it most.

Most VAs offer both a retainer package and an ad hoc service. Retainer packages are great for those businesses who know they need at least 3+ hours each month to help support them. An ad hoc service is always a great way to start working with a VA, to ensure that you are happy with this new way of working. It can take a little while to get used to. You may have to work with a few VAs before you find your perfect fit. A VA that understands your vision and your style of working.

How does it work?

Most VAs will have a sharing cloud where you both send and store documents for the other one to access. Some VAs will be available for conversations during the day if you need to give them a quick call, however most will require you to book an appointment with them and they will contact you either over the phone or via skype.

What could a VA do for you?

There are a lot of VAs out there, some of them specialise in different tasks, depending where their passion lies. Most will be more than happy to support you with your basic admin tasks, diary and email management, creating blogs, managing social media accounts, you name it,a VA can do it!

 So how did I get into the VA game?

After leaving school at 16, there were no apprenticeships or traineeships available, so I began my independent journey in a toy store nonetheless. It was a lovely little Saturday job, helping me earn the pennies that I needed for all the important things in life, such as a packet of sherbet dib dabs and tickets to the disco! I thoroughly enjoyed working within the hub of the business and knew from that point on that one day I wanted my own thriving business! The seed was sown.

Jumping on a few years to the birth my beautiful children, I knew that now was indeed the time to take this pipe dream, and turn it into a reality. After a few false starts, along with my strong supportive network of friends and family, I knew that working for myself was the the direction I wanted to go in.

Shortly after I was approached by an ex colleague. She asked if I was interested in doing some VA work for her. For a few years, I juggled associate work, with working part time and juggling family life. Until in July 2016 I finally decided to launch my own VA business

Although only recently launched I have been in administration for over 20 years and I know my stuff.  In fact, I even built my own website!

From that day, I can honestly say I have never looked back. I love owning and running my own business, meeting some fantastic business people and learning so many new skills.

My business is going from strength to strength I am passionate about every aspect of my work from building basic WordPress websites to social media management and even email and diary management. I will be looking at expanding my team in the future to include my own highly professional and elite associates. This will allow me to help even more business owners.

If you think there are tasks you might be able to outsource or just want to talk about your options get in contact today. What do you have to lose?

Zita is a BusinessMum, based in the Cotswolds, UK who began working as a VA in 2013. She has worked in administration for over 25 years, since the tender age of 16 in fact!

She says, "I love the joy of making someone else’s life easier.  Taking the time out to listen to their journey and helping them to figure out where to go next and how to get there. Now I’ve got that happy home/work balance I want to help other women achieve it too."

"Family time is important and I love nothing better than to dust off my wellies, grab the husband, kids and the dog and go off into the countryside.  I love to get out and about and just clear my head."

Zita's Clients include Charities, Life Coaches, Occupational Therapists and even other VAs.  To see if she can help you with your business contact her to book your free 30 minute discovery call.

You can also find Zita on Facebook and Linkedin.

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