'The Crafter's Guide to taking Great Photos' (A Book Review)


I bought The Crafter's Guide to taking Great Photos, by Heidi Adnum when I was looking for some advice on improving my product photography for my Etsy shop. Craft business books are often full of very pretty photographs but not a lot of practical advice but the reviews on Amazon sold me on this one.


  • Price: RRP £12.99 (I purchased mine from Amazon for £9.09)
  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Search Press Ltd, Dec 2011
  • Dimensions:</strong> 17.2 x 22.1cm



A useful introduction to how light affects your product photography and technical advice on aperture, shutter, exposure and white balance and colour. It also includes information on what to look for when buying your digital camera and the common digital camera modes.

This chapter is really useful for novice photographers, or if like me, you can just never remember the relationship between aperture and shutter. This chapter explains it all in basic, easy to understand language.


This chapter explains the thinking behind making your products look good before the photograph is taken. This is the chapter missing from most creative photography books. You know you have to make your product photographs look beautiful but how you do that and understanding why certain things look good and others don't is the hard bit!

The chapter talks about style and composition and how you use props, explaining how to show detail and texture and how you choose a background to complement your product.

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'How to sell your crafts online' book review

'How to sell your crafts online' by Derrick Sutton: A Book Review

<< 'How to sell your crafts online' overview >>

  • Title: How to Sell Your Crafts Online
  • Author: Derrick Sutton
  • Price: Currently £12.79 paperback and £7.59 Kindle version from Amazon
  • Paperback: 240 pages, 1.5 x 19.1 x 21.6 cm
  • Publisher: St Martin's Griffin (14 Nov 2011)

I bought this book off of Amazon where it has good reviews in the hope it would give me some extra ideas for marketing and optimising my Etsy shop

Derrick sutton and his wife sell on Etsy so write from personal experience though they don't share the name of their Etsy shops. There is a supporting website mentioned in the book but it doesn't appear to have been updated for a long time!

<< Book content >>

The first 7 chapters are actually about your Etsy shop set up. Picking a name, making a banner, seo, writing listings, using tags, filling out your profile and a crash course in photography.

Chapters 8 to 17 cover using Etsy for marketing such as treasuries and using the forums and 'background' processes such as packaging and shipping, setting up an email with google mail and using Google analytics to keep track of it all. It also mentions using promotions and free gifts to encourage return customers.

Chapters 18-32 are about social media and marketing. How to use the more well known channels such as twitter and facebook, youtube, flickr and writing a blog. There was also information on platforms such as squidoo and hubpages and writing articles for ezines to get your name out there as a fountain of knowledge in the areas related to your shop. As well as how-tos on how each platform works there are suggestions on how to find useful content to share and write about.

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