'How to sell your crafts online' book review

 'How to sell your crafts online' by Derrick Sutton. A craft selling business book review

'How to sell your crafts online' by Derrick Sutton. A craft selling business book review

'How to sell your crafts online' by Derrick Sutton: A Book Review

<< 'How to sell your crafts online' overview >>

  • Title: How to Sell Your Crafts Online
  • Author: Derrick Sutton
  • Price: Currently £12.79 paperback and £7.59 Kindle version from Amazon
  • Paperback: 240 pages, 1.5 x 19.1 x 21.6 cm
  • Publisher: St Martin's Griffin (14 Nov 2011)

I bought this book off of Amazon where it has good reviews in the hope it would give me some extra ideas for marketing and optimising my Etsy shop

Derrick sutton and his wife sell on Etsy so write from personal experience though they don't share the name of their Etsy shops. There is a supporting website mentioned in the book but it doesn't appear to have been updated for a long time!

<< Book content >>

The first 7 chapters are actually about your Etsy shop set up. Picking a name, making a banner, seo, writing listings, using tags, filling out your profile and a crash course in photography.

Chapters 8 to 17 cover using Etsy for marketing such as treasuries and using the forums and 'background' processes such as packaging and shipping, setting up an email with google mail and using Google analytics to keep track of it all. It also mentions using promotions and free gifts to encourage return customers.

Chapters 18-32 are about social media and marketing. How to use the more well known channels such as twitter and facebook, youtube, flickr and writing a blog. There was also information on platforms such as squidoo and hubpages and writing articles for ezines to get your name out there as a fountain of knowledge in the areas related to your shop. As well as how-tos on how each platform works there are suggestions on how to find useful content to share and write about.

<< Pros of 'How to sell your crafts online' >>

There are action points at the end of each chapter to work through to ensure you've got everything covered.

Each chapter is quite short and easy to read with the text broken into little sections with lots of useful links to helpful websites. You won't have time to dedicate your full attention to every social networking platform (you'd never have any time to actually make anything to sell!) so it's useful to be able to read through each chapter and decide which site you are going to work with and then it is very easy to dip in and out of the book to find the relevant information.

This book is for you if you are a beginner to etsy selling as the first few chapters on etsy are helpful. The information is really quite basic though. It is a how to on how to set up your account and use each social networking site. The information on what sort of content to use on each one is the same which really doesn't cut it in social media marketing today!

<< Cons of 'How to sell your crafts online' >>

You can find most of the information in the book on Etsy itself on the Etsy Success blogs, seller handbook and help pages.  For free.

The obvious problem with books is they go out of date. This one has a really big emphasis on finding content with Google Reader which no longer exists. There is no mention of Pinterest, which is now a huge player in advertising for Etsy sellers. This isn't particularly the fault of the book, you just need to be aware you need to be looking for up to date information to supplement what is in the book.

<< Conclusion and Rating >>

Overall I would suggest buying the book if you are looking for a simple introduction to selling on Etsy but also signing up to Etsy Success to keep up with all the latest developments and further in depth advice from a wider selection of Etsy sellers.

Rating: 3/5