My Mission as both a Blog & Brand Development Coach is to support  you as you review what is and isn't working for your business. I will help you make positive changes towards deliberately & intentionally creating a Brand and/or Blog to grow your Business to be Successful both Financially & Mentally.

What is Brand Development Coaching?

I regularly get asked by family and friends. "what exactly do you do?"

My job is to help you decide what you want your business to be famous for and then support you in making sure every aspect of your Brand makes people consistently say the same things about your Business.

My job is not to tell you what your Brand 'should' be or 'should' look like. My job isn't to tell you the 'best' way of Branding your Business, or what you 'need' to do to 'be successful'. 

My job is to work with you and dig deep to define what you really want your Brand to be, and how you can use your personality, skills & experience to make your Business successful in the exact way that you define success.

Is your Brand Failing you?

  • Are your clients stressing you out?
  • Are you struggling to get inspired when writing Blog posts?
  • Do you feel under pressure to write emails and Blog posts in a certain way?
  • Do you feel 'stuck' about where to go next with your Business?

It sounds like your Brand is failing you. It sounds like you've forgotten (or never defined) your Brand Mission. It sounds like I can help you.

Email Coaching, for the self starter looking for accountability & someone to bounce ideas off of

what is email coaching

You Get:

  • Me for a Whole Month of unlimited Email Support! All emails replied to within 24 hours (during working hours)
  • A detailed Questionnaire & Help Deciding on Goals and an Action Plan for the Month
  • Weekly Check in Emails to keep you Accountable
  • A Farewell Email with a recap of what you've achieved and suggestions for future developments

How much it Costs:

  • Initial Month $299
  • Subsequent Months: $199 / month

Brand Development

I can support you with:

  • Reviewing your current Brand
  • Developing your Brand Vision and Mission
  • Creating a Brand Inspiration Board
  • Developing your Ideal Client Persona
  • Defining your Brand Character Profile
  • Maximising the effects of your Brand in areas other than your Website, (eg; Social Media or Email)
  • And any other Branding help you want!

Blog content strategy

I can support you with:

  • Coming up with Blog Post Ideas
  • Planning your Editorial calendar
  • Making your Blog Posts more Shareable
  • Making your Blog Posts easier to Read
  • Creating attractive, shareable Images
  • Keeping Readers on your Site for Longer
  • Including your Blog Posts in your Sales Funnel
  • And any other Blogging help you want!

The 'Brand Review and Renew' Group Programme, for the Rebel Entrepreneur that thrives on Interaction, Healthy Competition and Collaboration. 

What you Get:

  • A Structured, Intensive Group Programme, limited to only 5 participants, taking you step by step from a Brand that says nothing about your Business, to a Brand that says Everything about your Business
  • Personal Support in creating your Brand Review & Renew Bespoke Action Plan
  • Workbooks and Video Training Materials
  • Regular Q+A's
  • A private Mastermind Group, exclusively for Brand Review & Renew participants, where we will discuss each lesson, have daily check-ins and you can get personal feedback
  • One-on-One Weekly Accountability and Check in Emails from Me

Programme Topics:

  • Reviewing your current Brand (or lack of it); what isn't working and why it isn't working
  • Developing a Brand Character Profile
  • Writing your Mission & Vision Statements
  • Creating your Brand Visuals
  • How to use your Brand Visuals on your Website to represent your Brand Character
  • Defining your Ideal Client and How to use your Brand to attract them
  • Developing your Brand Tone & Voice
  • Blogging to Brand your Business
  • Branding your Emails
  • Branding your Social Media
  • Using Video to Brand your Business
  • Anything else you want to discuss about Branding your Business!

How much it costs:

  • $1499 for 3 months

This programme will start in January 2017 

Or Contact Me with any Questions