Are you fed up with being told what to do?

  • Are you fed up with all the experts with their guaranteed systems?
  • Are you fed up with being nagged to sign up for another course?
  • Are you fed up with being told you 'must' do this, or use that app or the other social media?

True Entrepreneurs do not just follow directions!

As soon as we start writing Blog we are instructed from all directions on how to become an authority and experts in our niche. However, at a fundamental level, I don't believe that anyone is an expert. You can never know everything, and who's to say that your way is the only way to achieve outstanding results? 

Which is why I'm a huge fan of collaborative learning. I am learning all the time from the inspiring ladies in my Facebook communities. Every question that is asked gives a new perspective on looking at a problem. Every new answer gives an array of solutions, all different but equally as effective as each other. At the very heart of a true entrepreneur is someone who isn't afraid to take the path less travelled, to try something new, to go out on a limb with a new solution to an age old problem. 

So, I am developing two Collaborative Learning Projects. And, even though they won't be ready until January 2017, I'm telling you about them now because I'm so excited!

The Rebel Entrepreneurs Association

This membership site is for newer Boss Moms and Bloggers. It's for you if you're serious about growing your business, if you're motivated to learn and if your budget just doesn't stretch to coaching or a premium course.

As a member you get:

  • Access to an exclusive members' only community where you can ask questions, discuss ideas and collaborate & network with other members. 
  • New training materials released every month
  • Training videos, workbooks and downloads. I'm not 100% sure on what the immediately available training will be but it's likely to include Pinterest Marketing, Branding, Starting a Blog and Blog Content Creation
  • Regular Guest Experts
  • Regular Q&A and Office Hours

All for the very reasonable price of $19-$29 / month (price to be decided)

Brand Review & Renew Group Programme

This Structured, Intensive 3-month long Group Programme, limited to only 5 participants, takes you step by step from a Brand that says nothing about your Business, to a Brand that says Everything about your Business

You get:

  • Personal Support in creating your Brand Review & Renew Bespoke Action Plan
  • Workbooks and Video Training Materials
  • Regular Q+A's
  • A private Mastermind Group, exclusively for Brand Review & Renew participants, where we will discuss each lesson, have daily check-ins and you can get personal feedback
  • One-on-One Weekly Accountability and Check in Emails from Me
  • 12 weekly Topics to teach you about Branding all aspects of your Business.

Investment: $1499 for 3 months

Alternative Business & Blog Solutions

Are you impatient to get started and transform your Business today? These alternative solutions might suit you!

One on one Coaching

Self Study Courses

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