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hello, I'm Laura...


.... and I'm a Blog Strategist for Service and Product based Business Owners...

Which, in non elevator pitch speak, means I'll help you use your Blog to build your brand, attract your ideal customers to your site and encourage them to buy more!

Whether your Blog is brand new, or languishing abandoned in a corner of the internet, I can help you turn it into a magnetic marketing machine.


set goals


"Is what you're doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?"


Are you stressed, tired and working towards burnout but still aren't seeing results? 

The first thing you'll do when working with me is fill out a super in depth, digging deep questionnaire about your vision, dreams and desires for your Business. Then we turn those dreams into actual, real life goals so you have a destination to work towards and a benchmark for making effective, strong, business decisions.


work on your image


The second step in the process is to work on your website design to make sure it's attractive, easy to navigate and aligns with your brand to attract your ideal clients.






Complete with a detailed goal breakdown, action plan and personalised content creation calendar, blog post ideas, mindset motivation, brand guidelines and resources just for you, your Growth Strategy is customised to take your Blog from 'waste of space' to 'client winning'.



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