The Blog Clarity Course

The Blog Clarity Course

  • No more Google-ing

  • No more scouring Pinterest

  • No more trawling Facebook groups.

  • No more sifting through information trying to find out what you need to do first.

The Blog Clarity Course is a 75-page workbook packed with actionable advice and worksheets plus a complimentary Monthly Stats Tracker & Content Planner.

Finish this self study course and you will have a clear vision of the future of your Blog and an action plan for achieving your Vision.

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* Please Note: This is a digital download, you will not be sent a physical product *


Table of Contents

Part One: Build your Foundation

  • Step 1: Define your Why

  • Step 2: Choose your Niche

  • Step 3: Create your Ideal Audience Profile

  • Step 4: Define your Message

  • Step 5: Create your Brand Identity

BONUS: Name your Blog (something that you won’t regret!)   

Part Two: Make your Blog your Business

  •  Step 6: Own your Super-power

  • Step 7: Know your Skills

  • Step 8: Decide on your Revenue Streams   

Part Three: Create your Blog Success Strategy  

  • Step 9: Declare your Version of Success

  • Step 10: Plan your Blog Success Strategy   


  • Your ‘Blog Start-up Essentials’ checklist

  • Your ‘Practical Steps to Starting a Blog’ checklist

  • Your ‘Step by Step to Creating Brilliant Blog Posts’ checklist